It’s Shoe-Time!: How to Buy Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

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Think of this article as the spiritual predecessor to this lovely post because, well, you need to first buy your wedding shoes before you break them in!

Research the HECK Out of Your Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

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Shoes can be tricky little beasts because how you feel when you first put them on compared to how you feel with them buckled on eight hours later can turn out to be radically different sensations. To save yourself some trouble in the long-term, refer to below as a break-down of what sort of heels are available and why they are or aren’t suitable for a certain wedding situation.

  • Platform heels – Straight to the point. Platform heels have a platform for the sole, so it enables you to wear higher heels without having to deal with the strain of actually arching your feet that high. So if you buy a pair of platform heels that have a 5-inch heel but a 2-inch platform, your feet would realistically be experiencing the strain of 3-inch heels at any point.  Pros is that you can probably wear up to 4 inch-high heels if your platform is tall enough and that the platform adds a lot of stability and potential cushioning for your feed, cons are that they can make your feet look really bulky. I personally don’t like platform heels all that much, but it’s up to you!
  • Wedges - These will offer your feet the most stability out of all shoe options (except for flats, of course). Also not my favorite, but I recognize the necessity of wedges in the world. Wedges work best for beach and garden weddings due to uneven footing (the sand and grass will getcha!), but if you just like having a few extra inches without having to deal with all the pain in your arches, the wedge is for you.
  • Thicker Heels - Regardless of how many inches tall your heel is going to be, the width matters as well. If you have a wider base to stick to the ground, your shoes will have more surface area to support your body weight. As a result, thicker heels tend to be a lot more stable than thinner ones and can come particularly in handy if you’re unwilling to sacrifice heel height and sole height for walking comfort.
  • Stilettos - When I talk about stilettos, I’m referring to those beautiful creations with a slender heel and sole. My personal and (occasionally) painful favorite, the stiletto is the quintessential emblem of a girl who has grown into a woman capable of the grace and strength to walk in stilettos and grind the heels into the hearts of men. The stiletto with its flat sole and slender heel will do the most for elongating your heels without adding visual bulk to your feet, adding to the overall sleekness of your outfit. However, stilettos are definitely the hardest out of the bunch to walk in just because there is cheating involved. When you want to wear 4-inch heels, you better expect your feet to take the brunch of 4-inch heels. However, designers such as Manolo Blahnik are renowned for creating stunning and comfortable stilettos — so, I think the lesson we can take away from here is that quality really matters in what sort of shoes you decide to wear, so DON’T. BE. CHEAP.

For the next part of the guide, keep reading if you’ve bought your wedding dress. If you haven’t already, move onto the next section of the guide.

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Fun and Funky Wedding Bouquets for the Non-Traditional Bride


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If you’re someone who likes to march to the beat of her own drum, then this post has your name written all over it. Flowers and wedding bouquets are among the most traditional elements of any wedding. But what if you consider yourself a non-traditional bride? What do you do in that case? Is it mandatory to walk a bouquet of flowers down the aisle? The answer is no! After all, it is your wedding. You can do whatever you want. But just in case you’re lacking in the inspiration department, we threw in a few ideas of our own to get you started in your wedding planning process.

We at Wedding Party have put together a list of some incredible alternative wedding bouquets, from dried flowers to pinwheels to jeweled brooches. Anything goes, especially when it come to wedding bouquets. So if any of these ideas strike your fancy, be sure to check out these ideas below for your own wedding day inspiration. Then, comment below and tell us your thoughts.



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Wedding etiquette: Does financial help from your family give them a bigger say in the wedding decision-making?


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QUESTION: My family wants to contribute a lot financially to my wedding. If I accept their financial help, does this mean that they will have more of  say in planning my wedding? 

GINA’S ANSWER: No way. Money does not equal a bigger voice in the wedding planning. Let your family help financially as long as you’re comfortable with it and they know it doesn’t give them free reign to make decisions on your behalf.

Also, keep the two families’ wedding contributions private. You want to avoid pitting families against one another and having one side feel like the other isn’t giving enough.

JESS’ ANSWER: This is really dependent upon the family situation. Is your family open-minded? Or are they hard-headed? Also, is it the grooms family, your own family, or someone else who is contributing? All of these factors come into play.

The bottom line, is that it’s your day, and nobody elses opinion should ruin your vision. However, you need to ask yourself which battles are worth the fight. You want this day to be a special experience for everyone involved, not just yourself! There has to be a little give and take in any situation.

ASHLEY’S ANSWER: No. I don’t think that that should factor into the wedding decision making too much. Of course you need to acknowledge and respect the wishes of others, especially in they are contributing to the wedding.

My best advice is to blanket as many details as you can to this person [the financial contributor]. You don’t have to share anything you don’t want to share. You can also explain to them that you have a vision in mind and would really like to stay on track. Too many decision makers does not mean a better product. It is best to keep things simple, make a decision and stick with it. It is okay to be firm in your wishes as well, sometimes people will ask relentlessly. Standing tall and firm will keep you happier in the long run. Often I hear the “if only” or “should haves” after the event. Keep true to you and your partner. Clear and open communication between the two of you is also important.

Need more wedding etiquette, advice and tips? See previous etiquette posts here.

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An Elegant Backyard Barn Wedding by Megan Welker Photography


I love backyard weddings. Like, totally head-over-heels love them. The simplicity, the homey feeling, and the intimacy of being right in someone’s backyard for your special day…it’s just magical! But, I have to say that I am completely floored by today’s backyard barn wedding. Why? Well, because I just CAN’T believe that this is the bride and groom’s backyard. I mean, seriously.

You’ll obviously see what I mean when you check out Lauren and Daniel’s special day, which was captured just beautifully by Megan Welker. With a rustic, sprawling venue, jaw-droppingly fun and modern decor, and TONS of summertime loveliness, Lauren and Daniel’s wedding was truly picture perfect. From the lit-up “LOVE” signage to the breathtaking sunset photos in the field, every bit of this day is magic.

Read on for more gorgeousness!







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