A Tasty New Trend in Wedding Registries!

The days of registries filled with crockpots and white towels are long gone.  In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of unconventional wedding gift registries, including: cash only, honeymoon experiences, down payments for houses, future children’s college funds, and charitable donations.

But what about a registry for foodies?  I recently discovered a genius idea… restaurant registries.  Friends and family buy restaurant gift certificates picked out by the bride & groom to dining establishments in the city where the wedding couple lives… ranging from inexpensive, favorite spots to that-place-that’s-a-little-pricier-than-we-normally-go-for.  Cooking classes, food tours, and food/wine delivery subscriptions are a great addition too!

This is a fantastic idea for lots of reasons.  The average age at which most people get married is rising – and more people are cohabiting before marriage – so most couples already own the majority of household items that appear on the standard wedding registry.

Even better, a restaurant registry provides a year (maybe more!) of built-in, free date nights!  Couples are bound to have dinner out once a week anyway…  With a stockpile of restaurant gift cards they have the perfect excuse to try that place they’ve been wanting to without breaking the bank!

What do you think about this idea?  Would you opt for a food-based registry?

Image via thepalm.com

7 Ideas for Kid-Friendly Weddings

(via Canvas on Demand)

1. Coloring wallpaper.  What kid doesn’t love coloring on the walls?  With coloring wallpaper you can keep kids entertained and even have it double as a backdrop for a photobooth!  All you need is a piece of the wallpaper and markers, crayons or colored pencils and you’re good to go.

2. Kid friendly food.  Most children are picky eaters and they may not like the beef or fish options you and your caterer have carefully selected for your special day.  Make sure you have a couple of kid-approved options so that parents aren’t having to worry about their children having cake for dinner.  Also be sure to have kid appropriate beverages like juice, milk, or flavored water for the little ones.

3. Dance songs kids will know.  There’s a lot of classic wedding songs that adults know and love, we’re looking at you “Electric Slide,” but these don’t always resonate with children.  Work with your DJ to come up with fun dance songs that kids will know too.  Recently Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) has been a favorite!

4. Create a designated “Kid’s Zone”.  Designate one area specifically for the children and stock it with activities (see below) that will entertain the kids for hours.  Make it feel extra special by roping off the location or even allocating a special tent or teepee exclusively for the children.

5. Games.  Obviously you’ll need multiple activities that are fun and age appropriate for a range of ages.  A good list includes bubble wands, glow sticks, hula hoops, a lego table, puzzles, giant Jenga, sidewalk chalk, coloring wallpaper, pinatas, etc.

6. Scavenger Hunt. Up the ante with a scavenger hunt!  Think about your venue ahead of time and create a list of sights or objects for the kids to search for.  Create a checklist and print off enough copies for each child.

7. Origami station.  Never underestimate the power of a couple of origami pattern printouts/books and a pack of square paper!  Make sure to have varying levels of difficulty for kids of different ages.  The finished product doubles as a fun keepsake for the little ones to take home and remember your wedding by.

A Genius Idea for Thank You Notes that Feel Super Special!

A genius idea for writing thank you notes that feel super special | via Wedpics.com

I recently attended a wedding (the 7th of this year, in fact!).  A few weeks later, as expected, I received a card in the mail.  I fully expected the standard thank-you-for-the-crockpot note, but I was surprised to find a super thoughtful addition inside the envelope.

There was a printed photo of me and my date dancing at the wedding… a photo that I had yet to even see online.   The handwritten note was written on the opposite side.  What a great idea!  With photo prints costing less than they ever have (our 4×6 prints are less than 20 cent) why not skip the custom (and sometimes pricey) thank you cards that are bound to end up in the waste bin and opt for a more personalized, special touch?!

Plus, if you used WedPics at your wedding, you’re bound to have ended up with a photo of nearly everyone in attendance!  Thanks for the great idea Sarah!

8 Fun Questions to Ask in Your RSVP Cards

We’ve all seen the boring RSVP card that everyone expects… chicken or fish, attending or not-attending.  Since you’re already paying for the return postage, why not use your RSVP cards as an opportunity to ask your guests questions that they’ll enjoy answering, and you’ll love reading.  Here are 8 fun questions to include on your RSVP cards! Read More