5 Pin-worthy & unique wedding ideas | Vol. 1

Giant paper flower for bridesmaids. Love this unique wedding idea!

Ashley Goodwin via Ruffled

We know that Pinterest is one of the best places to get unique wedding ideas to personalize your big day, and find details to help make it particularly memorable. From sweet engagement photo pose ideas to jaw-droppingly creative guest book ideas, there’s a lot of options out there. Which is exactly the problem — how is one bride going to sift through all the ideas to find the perfect DIY project or ceremony backdrop for their wedding?

Well, don’t worry about it anymore. Seriously! Why? Because I’m here to deliver the 5 most unique wedding ideas on Pinterest every week. As a bride-to-be myself, I know how anxiety-inducing it can be to imagine your wedding day as another ho-hum borderline generic affair. It’d be a dream for guests to go home raving about your big day…but the opposite? Well. Nightmare.

So use the ideas here to inspire your own big day. And stay tuned every week for more great & unique wedding ideas. There’s more coming!

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A cheerful yellow and lime green wedding by Callie Hobbs Photography

A cheerful yellow and lime green wedding

We’re starting this Monday off with a big dose of cheer and the sweetest wedding we’ve seen in a while. Nick and Chelsea were married in Salt Lake City, in a big celebration, cheerful and fun celebration with their familly and friends. The ceremony, which took place at the gorgeous Bountiful Temple, was later followed by a cheery yellow and lime green wedding reception.

Among the highlights of this gorgeous wedding by Callie Hobbs: the bridesmaids’ gorgeous white lace top & yellow skirt combo, Chelsea’s stunning cap-sleeve wedding dress, and the adorable flower girl outfits. On top of all that, I think I’m convinced yellow & lime green wedding color scheme is the freshest, prettiest new scheme for a reception. Read on to see more of Nick and Chelsea’s cheerful wedding day!

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A quirky Indian fusion wedding by Megan Saul Photography

quirky Indian fusion wedding

Today is a special day. No, not just because it’s Friday and the holidays are around the corner (though both those things are great). Today is special, because we get to feature the wedding of one of our very own bridal bloggers! If you’ve been following along on Wedding Party for the past year or so, chances are you’ll have read a wedding planning post by the lovely Kate Swem (and if you haven’t, read her tips & tricks now!). Kate first came to us last fall as a bridal blogger, and it’s been amazing to be able to watch her journey from bride-to-be to newlywed!

Kate and her now-husband Jeewant were married in the Chicago area, and had a wedding celebration that actually was two days long! One day for the Indian wedding ceremony, and one day for the Christian wedding ceremony. The couple not only honored both their cultures and backgrounds, but also managed to infuse their own fun personalities into the weekend as well. The result? A completely gorgeous but quirky Indian fusion wedding that we can’t get enough of. Photographed by the always-talented Megan Saul, Kate and Jeewant’s special day is a must-see! Read on for more prettiness & commentary from Kate herself!

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50 Incredible non-traditional wedding dresses under $500!

Gorgeous tiered wedding dress under $500!

I am very excited about this weeks installment of affordable wedding dresses, because instead of 10 dresses under $1,500, I have brought you 50 wedding dresses under $500! Some of them are off-beat, and fun, while some are more classic, but all of them are ridiculously stunning and affordable! With prices this low you will be able to splurge on other things, like an open bar and an amazing photographer, all while still taking your groom’s breath away!

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