5 unique must-have essentials for the newly engaged bride

essentials for the newly engaged

 Alicia Swedenborg

He popped the question, gave you a diamond, and all of a sudden…you were engaged! If you just got engaged then this can be an exciting and whirlwind time, and while you’ve got a lot to look forward to, it’s also important to slow down and enjoy the moment. You’ll have the rest of the upcoming year to plan, so take some time first to really enjoy being newly engaged!

You’ll obviously be showing off the ring a lot, but here are a few key essentials for the newly engaged bride that you’ll need to help you enjoy this awesome time even more!

1. Wifey t-shirt

Because you’ll DEFINITELY need this in the coming months. And how adorable and comfy does this tee look?!

essentials for the newly engaged

ILY Couture

2. Dazzle Stik

With all the oohing and aahing over your ring, you might start to find your ring loses a bit of its sparkle and shine. Making sure it stays clean and shimmery is easy if you have an on-the-go jewelry cleaner! We love the Dazzle Stik — shaped like a pen, you just rub it over your ring, rinse, and it’s clean again. You’ll be out $8 on Amazon, but to keep your ring in tip-top shape, we say it’s worth it!

essentials for the newly engaged

Rebecca Yale

3. Hand-stamped necklace

Commemorate your engagement day or upcoming wedding date (if you’ve gotten that far!) in a chic way. These handstamped necklaces from Junghwa are adorable, and will be a sweet and subtle way to remember the special day.

essentials for the newly engaged


4. A new workout regimen (try these free fitness videos!)

Okay, so this may be a bit ambitious. But, if you’re excited and feeling positive, why not put that energy to good use? You’ll need to get started on a new workout regimen in the near future anyways! We love these free fitness videos from POPSUGAR, which have a few great 10-minute bridal workouts sure to kick your booty!

essentials for the newly engaged

5. Wedding Party

You’re going to want a quick way to share all the news with your family members, bridal party and guests once you start nailing down dates. You’ll also need a place to share all your photos throughout your engagement period. Wedding Party can help with both! It’s free to set up, and available on smartphones and computers. And as you start to plan, it’ll become a must-have planning tool. Win-win, right?

essentials for the newly engaged

Well, what do you think, newly engaged ladies? Which of these essentials are MUSTS for your newly engaged agenda? Let us know in the comments!


5 no-fail ways to have a fun wedding


It’s every bride’s nightmare: a totally lame, snoozefest-worthy wedding. Of course, not that any wedding would be boring at all (you’d really have to try hard for that) — but hey, wedding planning takes so much time, money and effort that you want to make sure every last person has a BLAST on your big day. Right?

Well believe it or not, the key to having a fun wedding isn’t in the wedding decor, or the type of flowers you get, or whether or not you decide to wear a veil. Nope — it’s all in the planning! Sounds unsexy but hey, it’s true. And if a little extra planning on your part can ensure guests are raving about your wedding for months to come, then it’s worth it.

We’ve rounded up these 5 ways to have a totally fantastic wedding from our fabulous friends over at A Practical Wedding. As experts on down-to-earth advice for REAL brides, they know what they’re talking about, and these 5 tips will definitely ensure you have the fun wedding of your dreams.


I gotta say, I agree with every last one of these rules! They’re simple, effective, and totally attainable for any bride to be.

What do you think, brides? What personal touches or ideas are you adding to your wedding to make it extra fun? Let us know in the comments!

Infographic content: How to have a fun wedding via A Practical Wedding

Photos: Nancy Ray and Giuli&Giordi

Sneak a peek at Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress and wedding weekend looks!

Amal Alamuddin's wedding dress


Bachelor no more! Notoriously handsome and single Hollywood star George Clooney married the kick-ass and beautiful Amal Alamuddin this weekend, as you all already know. BUT, have you seen Amal Alamuddin’s wedding dress and all her other stylish ensembles from her wedding weekend in Venice?

As an internationally renowned human rights lawyer, you might think that Amal’s got it all — but her emergence as a new style icon has got the media buzzing, and her wedding weekend outfits are proof that this lady’s got some serious fashion game. Read on to get inspired by her stylish bride-to-be ensembles, and sneak a peek at her GORGEOUS dress!

Day 1: A stylish arrival in Venice

Amal keeps her pre-bridal look classic and modern with a black and white striped Dolce and Gabbana dress. Her best accessory? We can’t decide whether it’s George Clooney or that gigantic engagement ring…

Amal Alamuddin's wedding dress

OMEGA/Splash News

Amal Alamuddin's wedding dress

Getty Images

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Fun and fashionable fall groom and groomsmen style ideas

fall groom and groomsmen style

M&J Photography via Love My Dress

It’s now the fall, but that doesn’t mean the colors of summer are going away! One of the best ways to keep your fall or winter wedding fresh is to inject some exciting colors and patterns into the mix. All eyes will be on the bride, but that doesn’t mean the groom can’t have some fun too! Dressing the guys in these eye-grabbing fall groom and groomsmen style ideas can give your overall wedding day some pop and pizazz without feeling overwhelming.

From fun florals to unexpectedly bright and bold suit styles, these looks are sure to elevate your wedding’s wow-factor. Read on for more well-dressed grooms!

Fun Florals

fall groom and groomsmen style

Big Bouquet via Love My Dress

fall groom and groomsmen style

A Love Supreme Photography via Ruffled

fall groom and groomsmen style

Paula O’Hara via One Fab Day

Bright Suits

fall groom and groomsmen style

Feather & Stone via Inspired By This

fall groom and groomsmen style

KT Merry via Inspired By This

fall groom and groomsmen style

Brian LaBrada Photography via Bridal Musings

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