The Most Important Questions to Ask Before Your Wedding Day


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So, you’ve decided to get married. Congratulations! But now, here comes the hard part–planning for the big day. There are invitations to send, venues to find, dresses to try on, cakes to taste, flowers to order and more. If only there were a special guide to help you do it all. Well, if that’s something you’ve been wishing for, then today is your lucky day! Here at Wedding Party we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the questions you should be asking, from your wedding planner to your caterer to your DJ.

Check out the list below for some helpful hints!


After discussing with your fiancé your budget, the number of guests you plan to invite, your potential wedding date, and your overall theme/vision, follow up with these important questions.

1. What dates do you have available?

2. How long have you been a wedding planner?

3. How many clients do you serve each year, and how many will you be serving during my wedding month?

4. Do you have a team, or do you work alone?

5. What do you do in the event of an emergency?

6. What is your payment policy and are there any additional fees should I be aware of?

7. What is your preferred method of communication?

8. What is your refund/cancellation policy?

9. What is included in the package?

10. Will you be attending the wedding, and what time will you arrive and depart?

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20 Stylish Wedding Guest Looks We’re Pinning Right Now

stylish wedding guest looks

J’s Everyday Fashion

Going to a wedding this summer? When I’m trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding, I can tell you Pinterest is my first and last stop for style inspiration. Not only does it keep me updated on the latest trends and what my favorite fashion bloggers are wearing, but it gives me a whole range of ideas on what could potentially look good as a wedding guest.

At Wedding Party, we’re always trying to keep all wedding-goers, brides, grooms, and guests, updated on the latest and greatest trends and inspiration. So we thought we’d share some of our favorite style Pins for wedding guests today! Make sure to pin them from this post if you want to save the style idea for later. Whether it’s for the bridal shower, bachelorette or actual wedding day, one of these stylish wedding guest looks could inspire your next foray into wedding event fashion.

Surprising Stripes

stylish wedding guest looks

This Time Tomorrow

stylish wedding guest looks

Diana Lupu

stylish wedding guest looks

Lauren Conrad

stylish wedding guest looks

Happily Grey

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Modest bridal boudoir photography ideas for the bride


Let’s talk about bridal boudoir, ladies. Chances are, if you’re engaged and thinking about a pre-wedding gift for your significant other, bridal boudoir has crossed your mind. Even if you’d never in a million years get dressed up in lacy underwear for sexy photos, you’ve thought about it. What if, right?

I have to admit, I’m not a very shy or easily embarrassed person, but something about most traditional bridal boudoir photos just doesn’t appeal to me, personally. I absolutely admire and respect any woman with the confidence to throw on her underwear, look fantastic, and create something secret and intimate just for her and a special someone. But all that lacy underwear, high heels, red lipstick… to me, something about it just feels so been-there-done-that.

So when I stumbled across this tasteful, modest bridal boudoir photography on The Bridal Detective this week, I was pleasantly surprised to finally find a boudoir session that was unique to any other type of boudoir I’d seen. The bride was just wearing what she might wear on a Saturday morning, which gave the shoot a tasteful, modest, relaxed and intimate feel.


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Use tech to plan your wedding for free (and ditch that trapper keeper)!

tech to plan your wedding

There was a time when planning a wedding involved multiple trips to the office supply store. You needed a binder, dividers, stickers, pockets, swatches, and countless magazines to clip from. When you wanted to share your ideas and plans with your bridesmaids or fiancé, you had to lug out your book and avoid eye contact as you took what seemed like forever to leaf through its contents – all to show that one picture of the flower arrangement you couldn’t quite describe and “sort of like”. For the disorganized bride, such as myself, there is no greater nightmare, no task more daunting, than the construction and maintenance of a Bridal Book.

Luckily for me, the future is now, and we have a plethora of tools and services right at our fingertips. Check out my favorites below and how I’ve used them to make planning a breeze.

1. Evernote

I could wax poetic about Evernote for the rest of my life. It’s essentially a digital binder where you can store all kinds of notes in various notebooks, and it has native apps for your desktop, smartphone, tablet, and even your browser. The search function is so robust you can upload a photo of handwritten notes you’ve taken and it can search through your chicken scratch for whatever terms you’re trying to find. Seriously, magic.

tech to plan your wedding


How I use it to plan my wedding

The most obvious way to use Evernote is to keep notebooks that you share with your fiancé. A serious benefit to the service is that it syncs seamlessly across all platforms with everyone who is sharing it. This means you and your intended can snap photos and take notes while visiting venues, tasting foods, and getting quotes on your separate smart phones, and have it all together ready and waiting for your review on your desktop or tablet when you get home.

The app’s camera feature isn’t only good for taking quick pics of cakes and linens either, you can use the document frame to take legible photos of contracts or invitation fonts, and use the Post-it setting to take photos of sticky notes, which you can set up rules for according to color (for instance, pink Post-its automatically file into the Caterers notebook or blue ones tag the note with “Groom” – it’s fully customizable).

You can also store PDFs in Evernote, which are then fully searchable. I store all scanned or emailed agreements, menus, estimates, and receipts for easy viewing later.
Other options are storing spreadsheets (for budgets and guest lists) and web clippings (for inspiration and vendor websites). Though I like to use other services for these purposes (more on them in a minute) you can truly use Evernote as a one-stop for all your planning needs.

Evernote (Free):

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is probably the most well-known service among brides-to-be and hopefuls alike. A platform to post photos from any number of sources, it’s perfect for collecting inspiration.


How I use it to plan my wedding

I’ve created a few different boards for things like floral arrangements, gowns, bridesmaids dresses, groom styling, etc. Some boards are shared with my bridal party, some with my fiancé, and I even keep a secret board for a few things I’d like to keep a surprise until the big day.

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