Fancify your Wedding Dessert Bar with these Desserts in a Jar


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A lot of couples are opting for the Dessert Bar instead of a traditional cake at their wedding because it’s cheaper, it provides a lot of variety for the guests & it’s fun! If you’re planning on doing a dessert bar we suggest you do something fun like pick a theme and impress your guests. Our favorite is Desserts in Mason Jars! We think it’s the perfect combo because everyone loves mason jars and everyone definitely loves desserts! So deck out your dessert bar with many different Desserts in Mason Jars. Check out a few delicious options below:

Neapolitan Cake in a Jar (link)

mason jar neapolitan cake dessert bar wedding wedding party app blog

Banana Split Cake Cups (link)

mason jar banana split cake in a cup dessert bar wedding wedding party app blog

Cheesecake in a Jar (link)

mason jar strawberry cheesecake dessert bar wedding wedding party app blog

Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar (link)

mason jar red velvet cupcake dessert bar wedding wedding party app blog

S’mores cake in a jar (link)

mason jar smores cake dessert bar wedding wedding party app blog

So what do you think about desserts in Jars? Would you include them in your wedding dessert bar?

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  1. Tina on | Reply

    Very cool idea. Would work very well if my theme for my wedding. Where can I find the recipes?

    • You should definitely do it! Let us know how it goes. Pssst…next to the name of each dessert, there’s a link. You will find the recipes there!

  2. I love it! I think the wedding cake is classic, but a dessert is so much more personal – and fun!

  3. Angela, we totally agree! It’s always fun to add a unique touch to your wedding.

  4. What lovely dessert are they!
    Are those dessert complex to make?
    I really want to use them to lighten up my wedding desk.

    • You can find the How To links above the pictures of each dessert! Hope that helps :)

    • Hi Amber, I’m sorry about that mix-up! We’ve fixed the link and it should now go to the correct place. Thanks for getting in touch with us, and for sharing your delicious looking cake cups with the world! :)