The Best Bridesmaid Dress That Will Make the Bride and Her Bridal Party Happy


Picking bridesmaid dresses can be a hassle. It could be really difficult for the bride since she has to make sure everyone looks good in the dress she picks and it can definitely be extremely difficult for the bridesmaid because they’re supposed to wear and sometimes pretend to like the bridesmaid dress! Another annoying aspect of getting a bridesmaid dress is when they are so unique that they can’t be worn ever again. I read somewhere that the best bridesmaid dresses are not actually intended to be bridesmaid dresses at all. So as a bride, your bridesmaids will love you forever if the dress you pick for them to wear is something they can reuse! Keeping those thoughts in mind, we would like to introduce you to Henkaa

Sakura Convertible Short Dress by Henkaa – $128

Henkaa sakura short convertible bridesmaid dress cute beautiful pretty flattering wedding dress wedding party blog


Sakura Convertible Long Dress by Henkaa – $158

sakura convertible long dress henkaa halter one shoulder v-neck bridesmaid dress for wedding cute flattering beautiful dress wedding party blog

Not every dress looks great on every body shape. So the fact that there’s a wedding worthy convertible dress so each bridesmaid could wear the dress the way it flatters her the most is amazing! With these convertible dresses by Henkaa, each bridesmaid can create and customize their most flattering neckline, shoulder straps (or no straps), back design, and waistline.

You can purchase the short convertible dress here and the long convertible dress here

The dresses are available in 24 colors and can fit any wedding’s color palette:

henkaa wedding color palette dresses available bridesmaids weddingparty blog

Here are some pictures of real bridesmaids in their Henkaa dresses (via the Henkaa blog):

bridesmaids wearing convertible sakura flattering gorgeous wedding dresses from henkaa with the bride wedding party blog


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  1. These are such a fantastic idea, not every bridesmaids has the same body shape and some prefer to keep parts of there body hidden while others like to show them off. These dresses should suit everyone.

    • I agree, from watching my fair weddings and ay yes to the dress atlanta picking a functional dress for everyone isn’t easy. These dresses create a happy median for everone involved.

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