I Spy Wedding Game: Keep Your Guests Entertained with this Unique Idea!

I SPY game at wedding wedding party blog

When we were little kids celebrations were all about playing Pin The Tail on the Donkey and breaking open the candy filled Pinata.  As we’ve grown up and somewhat matured, activities have shifted towards more of a technology filled world with fun gadgets and iPhone apps.  However, just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we still can’t play fun games at events!  We thought it would be fun to incorporate one of our favorite childhood games, I SPY wedding game with Wedding Party.  It’s super simple and is a great way to get your wedding guests excited and mingling!  Not only is it nostalgic for all the adults, but it will keep the kiddos entertained as well.


1.) Download Wedding Party on your smart phone or visit our website to sign up. Click here to get started!

2) Tell your guests to download Wedding Party on their own smart phones.

3.) Look at the I SPY list and start snapping pictures!

Here is our very own Wedding Party I SPY list to help you get started:

i spy wedding game i spy wedding party version games for weddings i spy list for wedding reception wedding party app wedding party blog When making your I SPY wedding game list, keep in mind the type of photos you want your guests to capture.  These moments are the ones that your professional photographer might not be able to spot.  For example, your Grandma gettin’ low with the groomsmen or the adorable flower girl stuffing her face with red velvet cake.  Try and personalize the list as much as possible, and remember to keep it fun and unique!

I SPY wedding game card wedding party blog

Put your I SPY list on each table at the reception, either by using a place card holder or simply printing multiple copies to place at each table setting.  Keep a few pens or pencils available so your guests can check off the items they have completed.  Also, not that they need more of an incentive to play, but having a prize for the best photo is always a great way to get your guests snapping away!

I SPY scavenger hunt game for kids wedding games wedding party blog

You might find that your favorite picture of the night is the one captured by your favorite Auntie Sally, sitting at table 10!

hilarious-wedding-photo-grandma-dancing wedding party blog

bouquet toss bridesmaid catching bouquet at wedding wedding party blog



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