Top 10 Wedding Day Photo Ideas

Capturing those picture perfect moments on the day of your wedding is super crucial.  In order to make sure you get the best pictures possible, you need to be prepared by making a photo checklist.  Not only will it save you time and energy on the big day, it will help the photographer plan accordingly.  To help you get started, we’ve picked out our top ten must-have wedding day picture ideas!

The Bride: It’s important to capture a picture of the bride before she walks down the aisle.  We love this picture of the bride taking a moment to admire her gorgeous gown.

bride with her dress wedding day picture ideas wedding party blog

The Bride

Bridesmaids: Take a picture of all the bridesmaids with the bride, preferably when they are getting all glammed up.  You can also use fun props to make the picture that much more unique and silly.

crazy_bridal_party bridesmaids getting ready funny bridal party picture wedding party blog


Groomsmen: Men don’t usually like posing for pictures, but that’s why it’s extra fun to have them take candid pictures.  Whether they’re posing or simply helping the groom with his tie, this is a must-have picture!


The First Look: This is probably our favorite wedding photo idea.  You’ll need two photographers if you want to capture both the bride and groom’s reaction.  However, if you only have one photographer, make sure to zoom in on the groom.  We promise this will be a picture that you reflect on for years to come!

groom first glimpse groom seeing bride for the first time wedding party blog

The First Look

Wedding Details: The wedding bouquet, gorgeous centerpieces, champagne glasses, and wedding decor are all details that should be on your photo list.  After working so hard to plan your perfect wedding, it would be a shame not to have pictures of all the tiny details.

champagne glasses unique champage glasses wedding cheers wedding party blog

Wedding Details

The Ceremony: How can you forget the single most important part of the whole wedding, the ceremony itself.  Regardless of if you’re having a fancy ceremony or low-key garden nuptials, this is a picture that you’ll surely frame and put on your bedside stand. Be sure to get a close-up as well as a picture of the entire room!

tree-and-branch-wedding-altar-in-the-mountains wedding party blog

The Ceremony

The First Kiss: While you may think this is a picture that the photographer always takes, you’ll be surprised how many couples end up with no first kiss picture.  Be sure to have the photographer stand in the perfect angle, so he gets your good side!

image_fist_pump_kiss_wedding first kiss at wedding wedding party blog

The First Kiss

Kiddos: How can we forget the most precious wedding guests?  The kids!  We love the idea of having the flower girls hide under the brides skirt, super adorable!

adorable flower girls hiding under dress unique wedding day photo ideas bride with flower girls wedding party blog


The First Dance: The first dance is the start to the wedding reception and many more years of happiness as a couple.  Whether you’re slow dancing or busting a move, this is a moment you’ll want to remember forever!

overhead-first-dance-bridal guide image first dance from birds eye view wedding party blog

 The First Dance

The Getaway: This will be the final shot before you escape off to your romantic honeymoon, so make it a good one!

sweet-little-photographs-getaway wedding getwaway ideas wedding party blog

The Getaway