Baby Got Back! Open Back Wedding Dresses That Make Our Jaws Drop


The title describes it all. We love love love the brides that can bare it all – well at least most of their backs. What do you think about these backless/open/low back/ statement wedding gowns? Are they too sexy for a wedding? Well, isn’t it her day – she should wear whatever makes her happy, right? And with these types of gowns, all eyes will definitely be on her! Take a look:

backless wedding gowns


Temperley London

Temperley London

Johanna Hehir 

 Green Wedding Shoes

Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Intimate Weddings


 Delphine Manivet

 Rosa Clara



Angela Karen Photography 


 Patty Ponto Con

Wanda Borges

 Green Photographic

These open back wedding dresses are definitely sexayyy! :)

And for a slightly more modest bride…

lavish and light

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  1. wow!!!!! dresses shown are marvelous.

  2. Heather on | Reply

    who is the designer of the last dress? the one for a more modest bride

    • Hi Heather! It’s a Jenny Packham dress. It’s called “Willow” and it’s from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection :)

  3. Katie on | Reply

    Hi! I love this. I was wondering where you found the second to last dress and the dress with the black bow on the back? Thanks!

  4. Ashley on | Reply

    I love the Watters dress, I can’t find a photo of the front anywhere! Can you tell me where to find this dress?

      • Ashley on | Reply

        Wahoo! Thank you :)

    • Hello these dresses r just beautiful I’m wondering where I would look to by the 11th dress from the top it’s also 8th from the bottom it’s my dream dress and would love to c what the to to see what the front looks like? Please thank you

  5. Taryn on | Reply

    Just wondering where you found dress #10

  6. Kaitlyn on | Reply

    Hi! really wanting to know if you know where to find the dress with the black bow????

  7. Laura on | Reply

    I’d really like to know the names and designers of dresses 5 & 6. Pretty much my dream dress!

  8. Hi, Where is the 17th dress from? Thanks!

  9. Chelsea Smith on | Reply

    I would love to know were I could find dress 11 .. I LOVE IT !!!

  10. Tera on | Reply

    the picture of the girl in the very lacy dress sitting down with the title watters above it…do u know who the designer is? i would really appreciate it.

  11. Leah on | Reply

    These dresses are absolutely ah-mazing! Who are the designers of the dresses in picture 15 and 17? Please & thank you :)

  12. white wedding dresses are very popular and fashionable today, many Hollywood stars choose colorful gowns.

  13. The brides with open back dresses look hot and sexy. It’s the bride’s choice to go for it or not considering it’s their wedding day. Great pictures!!

  14. Kelly on | Reply

    who makes dress #15???!

  15. Hi there! I’d love to know who makes dress #16?

    I have been trying for weeks to find it on my own, but no such luck! Thanks so much for your help!

  16. Venus on | Reply

    Anyone please tell me where can I find #10 dress?

  17. Goldsby on | Reply

    Hello peeps! I’m in LOVE with dress #11? Can anyone tell me who the designer is?? Thank you!;)

  18. j on | Reply

    i LOVE #4!! who makes it?

  19. Mimi on | Reply

    Hi I was wondering who is the designer of the 15th dress? The picture was taken by Wanda Borges

    • Hi Mimi, We tried looking it up but we couldn’t find it. Maybe you can try doing reverse google search? Good luck!

  20. Awesome Collection! Loved seeing all of them, especially the 10th one.

  21. sophia on | Reply

    I’m really loving dress#10 but I would like to view the front of it and where can I purchase this dress

  22. Dorothy on | Reply

    Can someone tell me how to find the 13th dress shown. It shows the back (Watters) and I can’t find any product information about it?- and not sure how to navigate better to find it (I’m a tech unsavvy mother-of a bride-to-be), LOL…..

  23. Rose Woods on | Reply

    i loveeeeeeeeeee dress number 9, would like to know who designed it.

  24. Hannah on | Reply

    I Would love to see the front of dress #8, it says Delphine Manivet underneath, does anyone know who designed it/ what its called?

    • Hannah on | Reply

      Found IT!

      • Rachel on | Reply

        Where did you find it and what is it called?!