Walking Down the Aisle: Brides With Sleeves Do It Better


Strapless dresses move over, sleeves have arrived and we hope they are here to stay! Short sleeves, long sleeves, we can’t get enough. These sleeved wedding gowns are just the best and they are perfect for a fall/winter wedding. Last week we were obsessing over open back dresses and this week we can’t stop swooning over these stylish dresses with sleeves. See for yourself:


Tracy Hill

Tbarton Photography via The Well Traveled Wife

Jackie Wonders

Elisa B. Photography

Bella from Twilight

Cymbeline Collection

Jenny Yoo

Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao

 Jessica Janae Photography

Ellie Saab

In love with this boho meets glamour long sleeved wedding dress. Perfect for a winter bride!

Brian Doben | Rosa Clara Dress

elizabeth fillmore bridal


Taralynn Lawton

Justin & Mary Marantz

Carmen and Ingo Photography

Elizabeth Fillmore

Ersa Atelier

Lisa Lefkowitz

Wanda Borges


Jessica Claire


Jana Williams

 Which one is your fave?

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  1. Nattie on | Reply

    Ah, I am so in love with these dresses! ♥

    Natalya @ Ruff House Art

  2. Lynn on | Reply

    Hopefully this will mean seeing less tubby brides stuffed into strapless dress. That upper body muffin top is awful. Covering up can be very sexy. Let’s see more wedding dresses with sleeves and v necks which flatter everybody.

  3. Lauren on | Reply

    Sleeves make the girls look ultra religious, it does not do anything for the women what’s so ever. Definately not worth the trending stumble.

    • Grace Martin on | Reply

      As most weddings are religious cememonies, what’s wrong with looking religious? I never thought that wearing sleeves was a negative thing and I definitley don’t think being religious should be connected to unattractive fashions.

    • Carmen Teves on | Reply

      the dresses look so elegant and the brides,bridal.there is too much skin exposure in some wedding dresses nowadays,which does not fit in the spiritual and religious solemnity of a church wedding.you don’t have to bare it all to be sexy

    • Kate on | Reply

      Why don’t you learn how to spell first before you make sweeping announcements on a public Web site? It’s definitely, not definately!
      Furthermore, most women do not look good in strapless dresses. You need good shoulders, great arms, no back fat, and good breasts for them to fit well and look good.
      Last but not least, a wedding is usually a religious ceremony so why shouldn’t the bride look dignified and elegant? Sleeveless and strapless dresses are for parties and balls not religious ceremonies. Unfortunately, very few women possess enough decorum and elegance today to know the difference.

  4. Wow beautiful dresses. In the process of choosing mine at the moment and it is SOOO hard!!

  5. Katey on | Reply

    Does anyone know of any websites with similar dresses to these? I am in love with first two but can’t find anything like them.

    • SheraLee on | Reply

      Did you have any luck finding similar ones? I loooove the second dress but can find it anywhere!

    • Stasia Modest Couture makes custom modest wedding gowns and can make similar gowns to any of the above …and at much more affordable price points. All gowns are also made in the USA (always a plus). Check them out at http://www.stasiabridal.com/…you can email them at stasiacouture@gmail.com .

  6. Stunning dresses, love the Cymbeline one.

  7. Cheryl on | Reply

    Does anyone know where to get the second dress? Love it.

    • Alexis on | Reply

      She had it pretty much custom made, so you probably won’t find one like it

    • Chelsey on | Reply

      It is just a pronovias dress with custom sleeves added. It is not really too much of a custom request!

  8. caralyn hartley on | Reply

    I saw the dress of my dreams on this site, do you know where I can buy a dress from this page? the second dress in the line of pictures is absolutely my dream, i’m getting married in January and have searched everywhere! Where can i find this dress please please help!

  9. Wendy Thomson on | Reply

    Please can you tell me where the second last dress is from of the woman sat down and the lace sleeves please?


    • Molly on | Reply

      Did you happen to find any info on the second to last dress in this article. I see when you click on source it shows that it’s off tumblr.com but I searched tumbler and didn’t see it

  10. Linda on | Reply

    These are beautiful dresses, but as you can see from the comments, all the people looking at the blog post would rather be linked to the designer rather than the photographer. Not very helpful.

  11. Sierra on | Reply

    I love love love the dress in the second picture (the one with the groom in khaki). Anyone know/ any way to find out where I can get it, store, designer, anything? I am in love! Anything helps!

  12. Francesca on | Reply

    Hi, I love the dress with plenty of little bows and open back. Looks very 50s (just above the names of Justin & Mary Marantz). Can you let me know which is the designer or brand please?
    Thanks! Fran x