Wedding Welcome Bags: 9 things you must include for guests!


Make sure that your out of town guests feel welcome with wedding guest welcome baskets! Here's the essentials to include:

Hello all you lovely brides, groomies, and wedding lovers! I’m totally inspired by the holidays and the season of giving – and I’m inspired to give you all some tips and tricks about wedding welcome bags for out-of-town wedding guests. Are you ready to get slammed by a semi-truck of knowledge and wowza-ed by some awesome, totally inspiring pictures of amazing wedding gift bags? Good, because I’m about to bring. It. On. Get ready to cross one more task off of your looooong wedding checklist!

1. Just throw it in the bag (or the basket or the box)

Pick something cute to stash your guests’ swag. We love custom printed totes, since they’re versatile, reusable, and easy to carry. However, we’ve seen lovely baskets and boxes do the trick too, so just pick something that goes best with the feel of your wedding.

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Wedding Chicks

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Jenny Steffens

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Whispering Pines

2. Weekend lineup

Take this opportunity to put in cards or special notes to guests which outlines all the events of your wedding (that they’re invited to, of course), hinting at the proper dress code and whether or not food will be served. A no brainer: Include contact info, key locations, and times so that guests will be able to arrive promptly, or contact you with questions.

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Wit and Delight

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Paco and Betty Photography

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Simplyou Design

3. Snacktime, YUM!

I don’t know about you, but I get cranky after a long flight – mostly because all I’ve had to eat are crummy peanuts and two mouthfuls of ginger ale. So surprise your guests with a special snack, sweet or savory, to make their day.

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Martha Stewart Weddings

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Em for Marvelous

4. DFTB (Don’t forget the booze)

Or other type of beverage that you think the guest would like. It doesn’t have to be alcohol. But why not get the party started earlier rather than later? Just sayin.

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Jennifer Eileen Photography

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The Knot

5. Souvenir, s’il vous plait

Find an adorable lil keepsake to stuff in the bag that is unique to your wedding’s locale. Getting married in wine country? A keepsake bottle opener is a great idea. Does a beach-side wedding sound more like your affair? Go beach-combing and put together a small, delicate collection of sea shells in a gauze bag. You get the picture.

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Local Chic Albany

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Magpie Paperworks

6. Prepare to pamper

Make sure your guests have everything they need to feel comfortable. Providing them with a small, nice bottle of lotion or an eye mask can make all the difference between for your guests, and can make an already good trip a great one.

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Aloe Up

7. Let’s play tour guide!

Of course, your guests are going to want to know what’s hopping in this joint. Or something like that. Whatever. The point is, you should provide your guests with a map of the area, and point out awesome things to see or do in their down time. Brownie points if you get them tickets to a museum, or vouchers for free scoops at some cool ice cream place. Yummmmm. Ice cream.

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Kristin Newman Designs

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The Indigo Bunting

8. Hangover cures

This goes without saying. Good wedding = mild hangover; great wedding = the mother of all hangovers. So give your guests a little love and make sure they’re stocked in aspirin and water. Perhaps even a custom do-not-disturb door hanger is in order?

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Elizabeth Messina

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Melina Ying Ling

9. Thank you, come again!

Make sure that you thank guests for taking the time to fly (or drive or walk or bike or swim) out to attend your wedding. It should mean a lot to you, so make sure you let them know that!

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LA Shepherd

So what do you think brides and grooms — think you got everything you need to start making those wedding welcome bags? What did we forget, or what are you planning on including? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Wow, all of these look incredible. How much time do they take to make though? I’m always on the lookout for DIY improvements for big events to save some money.


  2. I am totally in love with the welcome pack idea for the guests. Some goodies, info, programs, something fun to add on….Love it.
    I haven’t seen these ideas in Australia but so worth it to spend on!
    I can just imagine the guests arriving and finding at their destination, or hotel room a welcome pack especially for them. Exciting and thoughtful.

  3. Mom on | Reply

    Check out these ideas for gift bags for the Hotel Guests