Wedding Advice: What should I do if my Maid of Honor is slacking?

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Question: I love my Maid of Honor, but I’m afraid that she won’t be able to handle all the responsibilities for my wedding in a timely manner. How do I make sure that she helps me with wedding planning and details without sounding pushy or bitchy?

Kaella: First, I believe it is important to establish what you expect from your MOH from the get go.  Different brides have different needs from their wedding party, and with so many people throwing tradition out the window these days, it can be very confusing to the MOH what the expected duties actually are. Once you clarify what you expect of your MOH, it is important that she tell you if she feels she cannot manage the duties. She may have to respectfully decline, which is actually a blessing in disguise (though it probably won’t feel like it at the time). Hopefully your friend accepts the role of honor and with a clear outline of her duties can manage them without slacking. However, if she does fall behind, it’s time to call back-up. Ask a bridesmaid who you trust to offer to help your MOH. It would then be nice to give your bridesmaid a special gift to show your appreciation for her help, considering she took on duties without the title.

Rachel: I think it’s important to set expectations early on so that people know exactly what you need from them, and so they can tell you if they don’t think they can handle certain responsibilities. If you didn’t do that, it’s not too late! Say, “I was hoping you’d handle X, Y, and Z before the wedding. Here is what each task will entail. Is that something you are willing to do?” If she says yes, go over the details of your expectations so you’re on the same page. If the deadline is rapidly approaching and she still hasn’t taken action, ask her about it! “Hey, I know we agreed that you’d do X but I’m starting to get nervous you aren’t going to have the time to do it. What are your thoughts?” Remember that women often struggle to say no to people they care about, so don’t pressure her to say yes if it seems likely that she’s only going to get overwhelmed and drop the ball later. If she can’t do it, she can’t do it, and it’s time to reach out to others to jump in (or for you and your fiance to do it yourselves).

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