Alt Summit 2013 Recap – Some of my favorite moments

alt summit salt lake city grand america hotel wedding party

Alt Summit ended 10 days ago and I’m still trying to gather all the thoughts running through my head after attending this intense 3 day conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Maybe my brain needs a little bit of defrosting since the weather in SLC was something this California girl was not prepared for. Aside from the biggest mistake of not staying at the Grand America hotel for the conference, the rest was just one great moment after another at this 3 day inspiration-fest that they call Alt Summit. But I’ll spare you the pixels on the screen and only tell you my top moments (in no particular order) from Alt Summit 2013. Ready? Lets go.

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #1

Ok, this was the coolest thing everrr. So, I’ve been following Promise Tangeman‘s work for a little less than a year now and boy is she phenomenal. I mean her work is superb (fyi, she’s a designer!) and her clients love her. Fast forward to Alt day 1, I was looking for my friend kind of lost in my own world and I heard someone say “Love your hair” to me. I snapped out of my daydream and, as my eyes focused, I saw Promise (I mean she’s probably like everyone’s hair idol, right?) smile at me as she walked away. This was one of those moments where you think you’ll act cool and everything will be just dandy. Nope! Not true. It took me a few seconds to even realize what had happened and then as she walked away, I think I said something like, “umm no I love your hair!” *Slow clap for Himani* Regardless, it was badass that Promise Tangeman thought my hair was cool. Alt Summit was off to a good start.

Promise Tangeman

Here’s a hair tutorial by her, you know you’re dying to watch it.

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #2

I got a chance to meet Katie Sokoler of Color Me Katie. She’s a self-proclaimed and confirmed (by me and everyone else at Alt) fun maker! Her perspective on life makes me happy. She was the last keynote speaker on Friday and honestly the beginning of her talk was a bit bumpy. I barely knew her or her work before but even I could tell she was uncomfortable on stage and wasn’t really into talking about herself. But the moment she got the chance to do what she does best, she killed it! She has a way to bring the fun out in a crowd and capture a moment that otherwise wouldn’t have even existed. I hope I get to meet her again in the near future.

You should check out her awesomely colorful blog. Also, how awesome is her business card:

Alt Summit 2013


Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #3

I mustered up the courage to say hi to Megan Gilger. The underlying theme at Alt was about taking a leap of faith and just DOING. I finally decided that I was being silly (after 2 glasses of champagne, but hey, whatever works, right?) and I said hi. And guess what? She said hi back and we then we talked. She’s actually the sweetest person! For those who don’t know, she’s the founder of Hitch Design Studio and also blogs over at The Fresh Exchange. I’ve been admiring her work for over a year now and I’m mostly obsessed with her amazing handwriting. I mean, she’s got mad type skillz, take a look:


Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #4

Stefan Sagmeister‘s keynote. Wow. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted him to keep talking, keep telling stories, keep sharing his thoughts on happiness. I think it’d be an understatement to say he’s a crazy guy. I mean the guy is bonkers, in an amazing way! Every 7 years he takes a 1 year sabbatical. Yes, that’s pretty eff-ing cool. When speaking about work, he mentioned that if you don’t have butterflies in your tummy that means you’re too comfortable with what you’re doing/not challenging yourself. How many people can truly say that the work they do everyday really challenges/scares them? Not that many. I hope to have the balls to work on things that push me to new limits. Listening to Stefan speak was was worth the $400 ticket to Alt Summit 2013, all the rest was just cherry on top of a very amazing sundae.

stefan sagmeister

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #5

The Alt Summit mini parties were so much fun! They’re a great way to meet people you haven’t met yet and party with the ones you have already! I also really enjoyed meeting the party sponsors and getting all the free stuff they were giving out. Sponsors included Flipboard (thanks for the T-shirt), Better Home & Gardens (thanks for the nail polish), Weathermob (thanks for the awesome socks) & Blurb (thanks for the champagne).

Alt Summit mini parties

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #6

Business cards are a big deal at Alt. How big, you ask? Well take a look at this amazing map by Ciera Holzenthal that everyone pinned (how pinteresting :-p) their biz cards to:

business cards of alt

Amazing right? Here are some of my favorites:

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #7

One of the best part of Alt Summit was meeting new like-minded people! It was great to meet such talented ladies (and a few gentlemen) working on cool projects of their own. I’m inspired by so many of them and their creativity. I’m thankful for Alt to have put me in the same room as these lovely folks. Here’s a list of new blogs that I hope to keep up with in 2013:

Alexandra Nazari
The Vault Files
Glitter & Pearls
The Lbeau Room
Not Merely Living
Linnea Paulina
Bucket of Squash
A Style Moment
Rags to stitches
Kelsey Bang
Jeanetta Gonzales
Modern Parents Messy Kids
House of Brinson
typical house cat
hideous dreadful stinky
Patti Murphy
6th street design school
Impossibly Imperfect
Parker Etc
Striped Cat Studio
Art Social
Lupa & Pepi
Pushups with polish

Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #8

This is kind of a post-Alt Summit moment but I made it on at least one Alt Business business card roundup list. Oh heyy! Thank you Kirsten Krason of 6th Street Design School. You made my day! (You were the first person I met at Alt & you rock!)

Alt Business Cards Accordian Style


Top Alt Summit 2013 moment #9

Umm so they announced Alt Summit San Francisco 2013! Who’s going?

Alt Summit SF

 Stone Crandall

Check out our tips for Alt Summit on my other blog, Pretty Please. We definitely weren’t fully prepared for Alt so learn from our mistakes when planning for next year!

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