The best and worst wedding trends of 2012


Well 2012 has come and gone – but with it came some wedding styles that we’ll never forget! We’ll admit, while there were some great trends of 2012 that we hope will stick around next year, there are also a few that we hope to leave behind. A new year means new ideas and fresh starts anyway, right? Here are the best (and worst) wedding trends of 2012. Who knows what amazing styles 2013 will bring?

Loved it:

1. Wedding dresses with sleeves: Trendy yet tasteful, sexy yet subtle, we loved the return of delicate, pretty sleeves to wedding dresses.

Wedding dresses with sleeves were an adorable, vintage trend we loved from 2012

Tracy Hill

2. Tasteful glitter and gold: I’ll be the first to say that too much glitter anywhere looks like an over-enthusiastic toddler’s craft project. However, 2012 was the year that weddings proved glitter and glimmering gold accents could be a welcome accent to any sophisticated fête.

Glitter was a fun wedding trend in 2012!

Society Bride

3. Bridesmaids dresses in neutral hues: Bridesmaids everywhere rejoiced in 2012 as brides shied away from choosing bright and unflattering colors for their bridal party. Instead, we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the pretty neutral dresses worn by bridal parties – and noticed how much happier the bridesmaids looked!

Bridesmaids in neutral colors and blush are a great wedding trend from 2012 - especially when they're pretty and mismatched!

Alixann Loosle Photography

4. Jack and Jill Showers: Forget girly bridal showers bathed in pink – Jack and Jill showers are the new must-do!

Jack and Jill showers are a fun and great wedding trend from 2012 that we love.

Wedding Paper Divas

5. Intimate, down to earth weddings: While a wedding is still a massive, crazy affair, in 2012 we saw couples forgo the DJ and 10-course meals for smaller, rustic weddings with intimate ceremonies and inviting receptions.

Smaller, intimate weddings are a refreshing wedding trend from 2012.

Studio DIY

Leave it:

1. High-low wedding dresses:

high low wedding dress trends from 2012

Zoom Bridal

2. Mustaches on EVERYTHING: I love a good mustache in a photo booth or on a hipster mug every now and then, but am I the only one who’s a little sick of mustaches after Movember? Let’s all take a moment to tone down the facial hair frenzy in 2013, shall we?

wedding mustaches trend of 2012

Koyal Wholesale

3. Couples boudoir sessions: Am I the only one who feels a little uncomfortable when I see a couples boudoir session?

wedding trends 2012: couples boudoir shoots. yes or no?

Fiord Media

4. Really long, overdrawn will-you-be-my-bridesmaid cards: Just cut to the chase and ask your friend to be your bridesmaid. Why would anyone want to be your bridesmaid when your card goes on and on about how you’re going to go bridezilla-crazy on her?

will you be my bridesmaid card 2012 trend

Bridal Snob

5. Disposable cameras: The 1980s called. They’re wondering why on earth you’re STILL using disposable cameras.

disposable camera 2012

Jagger Photography

So those are my thoughts – what’s yours? Did I miss anything, or do you disagree with some of my choices? I would love to hear what you loved and disliked from 2012 – and what trends you’re looking forward to in 2013!






  1. Stepahnie, some of those trends are horrid, but with all do respect, film photos are still better quality than any prints you can get from any 8 megapixel iphone cameras or those teeny tiny digital cameras 90% of people take photos with. I will be having disposable cameras (Lomolitos or something similar if possible) at all the ‘younger’ tables at my wedding! Want to come?

  2. Lindsey on | Reply

    Oh I so, SO agree on the couples boudoir! They make me very uncomfortable.

    • Right? If you’re in the bedroom with your significant other…maybe you should keep it to yourselves!

    • Glad we could put a little laughter in your day. It’s funny how trends like mustaches come on strong and then die. What’s going to be the trend for 2013? Unibrows? That would be amusing…

  3. Jacqueline on | Reply

    So true about the mustache thing, feel like that trend has jumped the shark.
    And a major YES to the disposable camaras. I went to a wedding with them most of them taken by 5 year olds who didnt know how(taking pictures with their fingers over the lens or of the floor) to use them so they were just a waste of money for the couple in the long run.

    • Hey Jacqueline – we’re so glad that you agree with our trends! That’s totally true about the disposable cameras…we’re not sure why people are stilling using them, especially because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a good photo taken from a disposable camera.

      What wedding trends are you excited for in 2013? Or what do you think is a better alternative than disposable cameras?

  4. Lucy on | Reply

    That is true about the cameras! I think a better alternative for the couple would be to have a photo booth, maybe with props. It could be a lot of fun! :)

  5. Amanda on | Reply


    Peacock is over and done and dead. It is not original, it is not unique, and you are not the first bride to think of it.

    Sorry, at least once a week a bride tells me that is her theme for her wedding when I’m helping her into a dress (I’m a dress consultant).

  6. Blanca on | Reply

    Is the high-low trend really that bad? Am I crazy for liking it? I’ve seen a couple of high-low wedding dresses I actually would love to try on. I mean, I know not everyone is a supermodel to look good on those, but come on.

  7. Felecia on | Reply

    I personally like the disposable camera idea simply because it’s an alternative to someone taking pictures with their phone. That way if an unflattering photo is taken, you can just get rid of it before it ends up online!

  8. Ashley on | Reply

    I agree with you on most of these, the only one ill argue is the High low style. There is a time and place for it. No it doesnt belong in a Catholic ceremony or traditional chapel but perhaps an outdoor wedding or a destination wedding. Mine is in Hawaii in June and it will be HOT so I tried on a gorgeous high low lace dress by Allure and its stunning on. But like Bianca said, its not fit for everyone.