Wedding Advice: What should you do if your fiance wants to invite his/her Ex to the wedding?

What would you do? Inviting an ex to a wedding.

Question: What should you do if your fiance wants to invite his/her Ex to the wedding?

KAELLA’S ANSWER: I suppose this depends on the significance of their past relationship and your feelings about it. First, I recommend talking through it, because maybe there is a good reason. Listen and be reasonable. Remember, he/she is marrying you, not the ex. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable having the ex at your wedding, I would say your fiancé should respect that and it’s probably not appropriate to invite him/her.

RACHEL’S ANSWER: I think it’s all about your fiance’s intentions. Why does he or she want the ex there? If it’s because they are still friends, this is likely something that you have been asked to make peace with already. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s probably something to really talk about in depth before you get married, because in that case, it’s not about the wedding invite exactly — it’s about your comfort level with the ex’s presence in your fiance’s (and now your) life going forward too. What makes you uncomfortable? Is it their relationship? Have you always been uncomfortable with your partners’ exes? Answering those questions and figuring out what exactly is bothering you can help you determine how to proceed.

If they aren’t really close friends and your fiance just wants to invite the ex to show off — as in, “Look how much better off I am without you!” or “I’m beating you to the altar!”…I’d say don’t go that route. Let the ex hear it through the grapevine (or Facebook); you’ll look like the loser if you go out of your way to tell them personally.


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