Man Style: The best dressed dudes of the 2013 Grammys

Okay, so there were definitely some very well dressed ladies at the Grammys. Chrissy Teigen, for example, in the photo below looks stunning with her boo John Legend. However, we couldn’t help but notice some show-stopping man fashion on the red carpet last night. Maybe all the men of the music industry are feeling a little pressured to put a stylish foot forward since JT’s “Suit and Tie” is one of the more popular recent tunes. Who knows? All we do know is that it’s not just the girls who have all the fun. Put in the eternal words of Jay-Z “This is truffle season, Tom Ford tuxedos for no reason”. No reason except the Grammys, that is.

John Legend – D’awww. This sexy crooner is just too cute with Chrissy and his suave navy getup. They’re no ordinary people, that’s for sure.

john legend grammys 2013

Good Morning America

Nas – Okay, so maybe he has to work on his smile, but maybe his disgruntled pout goes well with his taupe blazer and bowtie?

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


Miguel – The “Adorn” singer sure does know what he’s talking (singing?) about. We think he’s perfectly adorned in this casual white suit. Check out those kicks too – how edgy, Miguel.

Miguel-grammys 2013


Trey Songz – Looks like he really took a running dive into red carpet style, and he’s rocking it! It’s enough to give us a mini heart attack. (You got all those puns, right?)

trey-songz-grammys 2013

NY Daily News

Neil Patrick Harris – He’s Neil Patrick Harris.

nph grammys 2013

Image Amplified

Jay Z – He’s got 99 Problems, 3 Grammys on his arm, and Beyonce.

jays z grammys 2013


Sting – No need to call for the fashion Police here.

sting grammys 2013

Daily Mail

Frank Ocean –  I’m a personal fan of his Ocean blue threads, though some could argue it’s a little to casual.

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals


Mario Lopez – He looks quite en fuego in this sexy red suit and skinny black tie.

Mario Lopez


Drake – He’s wearing this sharp blue and black jacket almost as well as he wears that smoulder.

drake grammys 2013


Fun. – Looks like they had Fun picking out their outfits, no? What Fun eyewear. I bet the Grammys were Fun for them, unlike Some Nights.

fun grammys 2013


Maroon 5 – Let’s be honest: we’re all just looking at Adam Levine and wondering why he even wore clothes to the Grammys. He could have at least made a bold statement and gone shirtless… that would have been fine.

maroon 5 grammys 2013

Socialite Life

Gotye – Try to ignore Kimbra’s powerhouse posing and unique style choice for a minute to appreciate Gotye. He’s cute, a little mussed up, and rocking a sharp suit and skinny tie. Perfection.

Kimbra-Gotye grammys 2013


Justin Timberlake – He’s definitely all dressed up in black and white, but missing the tie. Oh well, JT. You still look amazing. Just keep bringing sexy back and stop trying to bring MySpace back.

justin-timberlake grammys 2013