20 of the most romantic pictures from real weddings


romantic pictures

Emily Blake Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! We wanted to celebrate this holiday of love with pics of the very best most romantic pictures of weddings and well…just love in general. It was hard to just whittle it down to 20, since there’s so many awesome photos out there that make our hearts flutter. Hopefully you love these romantic pictures as much as we do – and we wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day!

romantic pictures

Ryder Evans Photography

romantic pictures

Sarah Dicicco

romantic pictures

The Cinderella Project

romantic pictures

Lauren Scotti

romantic pictures

Aphrodite’s Wedding

romantic pictures

Bridal Guide

romantic pictures

Baileys Brides

romantic pictures

Samuel Lippke Photos

romantic pictures

Wedding Essentials

romantic pictures

Emily Heizer Photography

romantic pictures

Benj Haisch

romantic pictures

Jose Villa

romantic pictures

Lindsay Madden Photography

romantic pictures

Elizabeth Messina

romantic pictures

Paper Antler

romantic pictures

Vesic Photography

romantic pictures

Jessica D’Onofrio Weddings

romantic pictures


romantic pictures

Jesse Holland Photography

Okay, so that last one wasn’t really from a wedding. But it’s still adorable and romantic. After all, isn’t that where all the gorgeous couples in the photos before will end up? Let us know your favorite photo in the comments!



  1. Thank you so much for properly crediting me for that image!!!! That image has been stolen so many times, I couldn’t count it! There was just another huge explosion in theft on it, and I started trying to see where it originated from, and this post popped up, but not only did you credit me, but you actually linked it through to my correct web address and everything. Thank you very much for doing that and for doing it the right away. That is responsible blogging and I LOVE YOU FOR IT. I wish everybody was like that!

    Have an awesome spring break. :)

  2. Hey Emily – I’m so glad that you left us this note, and thank you so much for this gorgeous image! We try to be as meticulous as possible with our credits. I hope that this post was able to bring a lot of traffic to your business, and that you hunt down everyone else who hasn’t yet credited you properly :)

    Hope you have an awesome spring break too, and thanks for reading our blog!

  3. Samantha on | Reply


  4. Elizabeth on | Reply

    Not to rain on the romance parade here, but am I the only one who noticed that 99% of these pictures are of thin, white people? Just an observation.

  5. Nehemiah on | Reply

    That second photo from the herald sun is not one of the most remoantic photos! Although others might think that getting a 2 second kiss in the middle of a riot is romantic, at the very least it doesn’t follow the rest of the series

    • Leslie on | Reply

      Totally agree, getting trampled by police during a riot then helped up by your boyfriend, scary not romantic.

  6. Nik on | Reply

    Not to put sunshine on anything, but what’s wrong with thin white people? If it was all people of a race who have more pigment, a comment like that would be considered racist.

  7. Danielle on | Reply

    I normally don’t comment on these sorts of things, but since you seem to care about giving proper credit to the photographers, the 9th photo down where you gave credit to Weddings By Sarah Ritchie, is actually a photo done by Samuel Lippke Studios. http://www.samuellippke.com/blog/inside-weddings-magazine-feature
    It looks like Sarah Ritchie is an officiant, not a photographer.

    • Thanks for catching that Danielle! We really appreciate your bringing that to our attention :)

  8. jenn on | Reply

    Just a heads up, the 2nd photo was taken during the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup playoff riot in Vancouver, Canada. The photo was taken by a local photographer Richard Lam (http://richardlampix.com/). It wasn’t actually a romantic situation, just great timing and perspective.

  9. tilak sharma on | Reply

    life is short so Only romance romance romance ………..

  10. Rey on | Reply

    I hate to be the one to state the obvious..buuuttt.. they’re all “Caucasian” though

  11. D on | Reply

    Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepen, your joy increase, and your love grow stronger from this day forward.