Choosing the ring: The discussion you should have to get the perfect ring in that little velvet box

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QUESTION: What kind of discussion should I have with my significant other to make sure that I love the ring he/she proposes with?

You could try subtle hints, like leaving a magazine open on the coffee table with a big circle and some hearts around a ring you love in the photograph. However, let’s face it, this may go right over your honey’s head. As you have probably noticed by now, I am a fan of communication. If you are already having the proposal and marriage conversations, I believe including a chat about the style of ring you like shouldn’t hurt. Show a couple photos of what you like, but don’t put on the pressure. The conversation should be fun!

There is also a lot to learn about ring shopping: diamond shapes, the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), ring settings, and metal options. A lot of times people don’t even realize how much there is to learn and consider. Try not to bring these concepts up in a way that belittles your sweetie, instead learn about it all together. Maybe go to a jeweler so you can both look at options and styles together or just spend an evening education yourself online from home with a glass of wine.

You may even discover you like a style you never thought you would, as happened to me. I was dead set on a cushion cut diamond, but my then-boyfriend took me to look at rings for fun one day and the cushion cut just looked ridiculous on my small fingers (and big knuckles). In the end I fell in love with the classic round cut stone in a prong setting. So my other suggestion would be to definitely go try on ring styles, whether you do this with your honey or with a friend. Your friend can always relay the message if you do not feel comfortable having a direct talk 😉

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