Getaway in style: Unique and crazy ways brides and grooms have ridden off into the sunset

Well it’s finally Friday, which means that we’re about to ride off into the weekend! And we want to send you off in style – with this amazing gallery of fun and quirky wedding getaways. It’s important to make a big entrance on your wedding day, but it’s even more important to bid your guests goodbye in a memorable way; after all, that’s the impression they’re going to be left with after the big day is over. And oh my, have these brides thought up increasingly amazing ways to getaway to their honeymoon! (Hint: there may be bikes, boats, and heavy farming equipment involved here!) Which mode of getaway transportation is your favorite here?

Don’t you love these vintage cars? They’re all the rage right now for chic, classy couples. I mean, how many times are you going to be able to drive in an old-school convertible Bentley?

vintage red convertible

Annie X Photographie via Inspired By This

vintage green getaway

Erin Hearts Court via Inspired By This

Or you could go super-old school on four wheels and getaway in a carriage (pulled by a bicyclist – the modern day answer for the vintage horse and buggy equation).

bike carriage getaway

Laki Sideris

Maybe lose a couple wheels and getaway on a motorcycle? VROOM! Make sure your fiance knows what he’s doing…

motorcycle getaway

For You Love Me

blue scoother

Elizabeth Messina

You could always ditch the engine altogether and ride off into the night on your bicycle built for two!

tandem bike

Pure7 Studios

bike getaway

Tantari Photography

Maybe just lose all the wheels and go for a rowboat instead?

rowboat getaway

Claire Eliza Photography

Hmmm…maybe a canoe. More summer-camp chic and SUPER romantic. I mean, do you see this photo?


James Moes Photography

If canoe or rowboat won’t cut it, I’m sure you could find an epic vintage yacht instead.

sailboat getaway

Green Photographic

Whoops! Back to land transportation. For the folks doing rural destination weddings (aka your wedding was in a barn), how about sticking with the theme and waving goodbye in a vintage pickup truck?

green pickup

Equally Wed

If the country is a little bumpy, you could always take a cue from this badass bride and getaway on an ATV.


Inspired By This

Or do a serious upgrade and getaway on a tractor. THIS BRIDE IS DRIVING A TRACTOR. YES, IT IS AMAZING.

tractor getaway

Whitebox Weddings

So there you have it. I bet you can guess by now our fave is the tractor, right?