Unique and cool wedding ideas that we love: part 2


10 unique wedding ideas

Every bride wants to plan an unforgettable wedding day! There are a ton of unique and personal touches that brides and grooms everywhere have added to their wedding day celebrations that distinguish their day from other couples’ – and these are some of our favorite cool wedding ideas! Of course, every wedding is different, and we encourage individuality and creativity for everyone’s special day. However, these ideas are just too unique not to mention – and we hope you’ll agree! Which of these unique, cool wedding ideas are your favorite?

1. Team bride or team groom badges

A fun way to help your guests get to know each other is by giving them “bride” or “groom” badges at your wedding day or at an event prior. Guests can wear the badge so that they can easily tell if someone is an acquaintance of the bride or groom – it’s an automatic icebreaker, and makes for a great conversation starter among your guests as well!

cool wedding idea!

Studio 222 Photography via Emmaline Bride

2. Save wedding cards as a book

Did you get tons of heartfelt, sweet notes with your gift and don’t want to throw them away? Well luckily for you, you don’t need to! Simply 3-hole punch the cards and put binder rings through them to make a simple but meaningful book of all the cards from your wedding day.

cool wedding idea!

Simple Mom

3. The balloon release first-look

This is one of the most adorable ideas for the first look photos that we’ve seen in a while! The idea is that each person hold a bunch of balloons as they’re being led to their first look. When it’s time, they release the balloons and get to see their future spouse!

cool wedding photo idea!

Michael Segal Photography via Style Me Pretty

4. Wedding programs with deets about the bridal party

Everyone wants to know who the people in the bridal party are – but oftentimes, it’s hard to get the whole story without doing some serious wedding sleuthing! Make your curious guests happy by providing brief bios of your party in their programs – that way, you’ll be able to automatically introduce your party to the guests, and honor them at the same time!

cool wedding program idea!

Martha Stewart Weddings

5. Wedding photos with messages to loved ones

Have a relative who can’t make it? Create unique signage for your wedding photos so you can send them a special, heartfelt message from your special day. Even if they couldn’t attend, they’ll feel like they were still a special part of your day, and they’ll have a meaningful keepsake that will last forever.

cool wedding photo idea!

Martha Stewart Weddings

6. Show how each bridesmaid knows the bride

This is a wonderful idea that helps to remind the bridesmaids and the bride about their relationship! Have your bridesmaids hold signs that tell when they first met the bride, or their special relationship to her. You’ll all be able to look back on the photo and feel amazed at how far you’ve come together!

cool wedding photo idea!

Katy Hall Photography

7. Get guests home safely with artfully displayed taxi information

This idea is as practical as it is pretty! To avoid unsafe situations with drinking and driving, provide an easy way for guests to contact cab services in your area. This way, everyone will have a great time at your wedding, and not have to worry too much about finding their way back home or to the hotel!

cool wedding idea!

Lace Hanky Photography

8. Single drink kits as souvenirs or gifts

Looking for a unique and affordable way to say “thanks” to your guests? Or maybe you just want to gift your bridal party with a little pick-me-up? Either way, single drink kits are a fun and novel way to charm and delight your friends.

cool wedding idea!

Pure Bliss Bridals

9. Wedding decor with personal touches

We love incorporating meaningful touches to your wedding day – and old family photos as decor is a great way to do that! We love how this creative couple added copies of old family photos to their reception dinner menus. It’s unexpected, yet sweet. There are tons of great ways to incorporate old photos with personal meaning, from escort cards to table numbers to menus…the possibilities are endless!

cool wedding idea!

Jesse Leake Photography via Style Me Pretty

10. Photos of the bride before the wedding day with countdown signs

This is one of our favorite ideas we’ve seen in a while! At various wedding-related gatherings or special events before the wedding day, have the bride take photos with a sign that shows how far away her wedding day is. That way, you get a cool photo countdown effect to the special day that you can look back on a cherish forever! Because the big day is so much more than one day – it’s a culmination of all the planning and efforts that went into it, and being engaged is a year of your life that you’ll never forget. (Psst – one last tip…Wedding Party is perfect for a cool photo project like this!)

cool wedding photo idea!

Hostess with the Mostess

Did you see an idea you loved? Or maybe we missed an awesome idea that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, because we’d love to hear from you!

Wondering why this is “Part 2″? That’s because there’s even MORE cool wedding ideas for brides, grooms and guests here!



  1. Mark on | Reply

    In Japan the guests drink heavily and go home on the wedding hall’s bus. No obscene taxi fares.

  2. These are great! Just “Pinned” the Single Drink Party favor. Great idea!

  3. Unique Wedding Ideas on | Reply

    Amazing and informative article. I especially love the balloon first look. As a wedding planning its nice to see and learn about how people are personalizing their wedding and some of these I can implement and recommend to my clients. Great job!!

  4. M on | Reply

    Hi, cute ideas! Just one I did not like: releasing the balloons. It is pretty, they will eventually pop and the pieces of plastic will fall down. The birds mistake the balloon bits for food, and swallow them. Since they cannot digest the plastic it often clogs their digestive system. They cannot eat, and will eventually die of starvations or sickness, a slow and unfair dead. Please have this in mind if you are considering the balloons. It is a day about life and living happily, make it so even for those around us that have no human voice :)

    • S on | Reply

      I absolutely agree, that is the first thing I thought of when I read it. All the other ideas are great though!

  5. Célia on | Reply

    Waw thanks so much for all these ideas!

  6. These are some cute ideas. I like the wedding party holding small chalk boards stating how they met the bride.

  7. k on | Reply

    Don’t ever release balloons with plastic ribbons on them. Unlike the latex balloons that ARE bio degradable, the strings get tangled, cause havoc and do not degrade.

    • FutureMissus on | Reply

      I don’t see how they have more money than sense when literally every idea on here is a D.I.Y effort??! These ideas don’t cost hardly anything! The only thing that might cost a tiny bit are the ‘single drinks’, if you did them as favours for a large Wedding, else they’re pretty cheap thank you’s to your Bridal Party, and maybe the printing of getting the photos done, maximum about £20 spend!
      Everything else is taking opportunities to be creative with the stuff you’re already doing, like the photos saying Hello Grandma and the Bridesmaids with the boards! Even storing your own cards, all you need is a ring binder and a hole punch..
      Really don’t understand where that comment came from?

  8. evie on | Reply

    I agree with not using balloons, although they are pretty. How about something else to hide your faces, like a photo on a stick? Or bride and groom take ten steps backwards, then turn around. Other ideas?