5 unique ways to use Wedding Party and capture special wedding memories

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So you (hopefully) know by now that Wedding Party is a great way to collect all the photos your guests take before and during your wedding day. It’s a seriously easy and convenient app that makes capturing every moment of your wedding journey easy, and guests almost always have a blast using it! However, I bet you haven’t thought of these 5 unique and extra-special ways to use Wedding Party…

1. Capture photos from your engagement

One of our users planned one of the most unique proposals we’ve ever heard of! In preparation for his proposal to his longtime girlfriend, he set up Wedding Party and had his friends download and join his personal app. They were all present when he got down on one knee, and were able to capture every moment with their phones and upload the photos to the app! Many happy tears later, him and his fiancee were able to look back at the app and see their engagement story through the eyes of their closest friends! How’s that for a memorable proposal?

2. Tell your guests what’s up

Wedding Party is a great way to keep your guests updated on your wedding planning. Once they download Wedding Party and join your personal app, you can share every detail of your journey with them – from the wedding venue you choose, to the DIY wedding project you’re working on. Simply snap a photo and leave a comment on your latest wedding development, or jot down a quick note and post it in the app for your guests to see. They’ll love knowing what’s going on, and getting excited for your big day!

3. Countdown to your wedding day

One of the most unique and interesting wedding ideas we’ve heard of recently is to create a photo countdown of the couple to the wedding day. The bride, groom, or couple together can take pictures of themselves leading up to the wedding day, with a sign that counts down how many days are left until the wedding! That way, you can remember the months up to your big day in a special way, and share the countdown with friends and family who are stoked about your upcoming nuptials.

4. Share your wedding with guests who can’t make it

Even if you have guests who can’t make it to your wedding in person, you can still share the big day with them in photos and notes. Simply share your personal Wedding Party website with them so they can have a live, streaming update of the moments and memories you and your guests capture. This is also a great way to send photos to your guests without smartphones!

5. Show your family and friends your fave honeymoon places

The fun doesn’t have to stop after you’ve said “I Do”! We’ve seen a lot of newlyweds share their honeymoon adventures with friends and family via the app. It’s perfect for the couple who doesn’t have the time or energy to write a long message or send a dozen photos via email. Instead, just snap your photos on your mobile device, and upload them all later when you get in an area with wifi. Your friends and family will be instantly updated with your latest news next time they log on, and you won’t have to spend more than 5 minutes to share your special memories with them.