The 5 coolest and most unique wedding ideas of spring 2013

We always love sharing new and exciting wedding ideas with you guys — from cool dessert bars to amazing wedding decor to unique ideas for wedding photos, we always want to put you guys on the forefront of the coolest wedding ideas and trends. And we think you’ll love the 5 we have in store for you today! They’re fresh, fun and best of all, super simple.

1. Romantic Wedding Day Countdown: This is a lovely idea — you can find these cute advent-style calendars online as print-outs. It’s an easy and free DIY project where you basically make a countdown to your wedding day for your significant other. Underneath every number is a different reason why you’re excited to marry him or her. Sweet, right?


Martha Stewart Weddings

2. DIY Bridesmaids Emergency Kit: This is a super easy thing to put together, and it doesn’t have to be too fancy! Put together some necessary day-of items for your bridesmaids for the wedding. That way, if they have a wardrobe mishap, blistered feet, or breath that needs freshening, they’re covered!

bridesmaid emergency

Wedding Preview Event

3. All-Natural Wedding Place Card: Don’t waste tons of time, energy, or money on an elaborate place card for each guest. Simple items can be even more unique and charming — fruit, for example, is a really easy way to have a cheap, cute, and delicious place card for your guests on your wedding day.


4. A Sweet Coffee Bar: Having a wedding in the morning, or a brunch for your bridal party the day after the wedding? Skip a fancy dessert bar and opt for a coffee bar instead.

coffee bar

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5. Wedding Madlibs: Keep guests entertain with interesting activities throughout your reception. Small games or easy print-outs are a great way to keep your guests involved, chatting with each other, and engaged during the reception.


Milou and Olin Photography via Every Last Detail