Unconventional and affordable bouquets for the modern bride

In a recent survey done by New York Magazine, brides who had been married over a year ago revealed their wedding regrets. When asked what they regretted spending too much money on, the majority wished they hadn’t spent so much on flowers. If you think about this, it makes sense — flowers don’t last like your wedding photographs, or hold the same sentimental value as your wedding dress. They’re there purely to decorate your wedding, and will lose their beauty in just a few days.

Luckily for brides planning their wedding, there’s been an uptick in interesting, unique, and affordable bridal flowers and bouquets  that won’t break the bank. And they still look gorgeous! If you’re looking to pinch pennies and save for your dream photographer or your tropical honeymoon, consider these great alternatives to an expensive and elaborate bouquet.

Single-bloom bouquets: They’re all the rage now — and for good reason! We love the simplicity and beauty behind these large flowers. They make a strong statement and add a modern touch for your walk down the aisle.

single bouquet 3

Jose Villa Photo

single bloom bouquet

Buffy Dekmar via Wedding Chicks

single bloom bouquet 2

Jose Villa

Daisies: You may not think of daisies as a luxe enough flower for your big day, but I think their charm comes in how understated yet pretty they are. And who didn’t pick daisies as a little girl for your loved ones?

daisy bouquet

Becky Young Photography via Ruffled

Dried Flowers: Dried flowers are a great way to make use of fresh flowers long after they’re past their prime. If you had flowers at your engagement party or bridal shower, consider saving them for your walk down the aisle. And, it’s eco-friendly!

rustic flower bouquet

Angela Scott Photographers

Heather: Heather is a gorgeous choice for your wedding bouquet — it has a gorgeous, drape-y shape that ads a touch of luxury. The purple color is also quite pretty too!

heather bouquet

Sarah Kate Photo

Cotton: A cotton bouquet is perfect for any rustic or rural-themed wedding. It’s totally unique and makes a quirky statement. Plus, how bridal is the white fluffiness of this cotton bouquet?

cotton bouquet

Sweet Tea Photography

Wheat: Wheat lends a pretty and rustic touch if you’re trying to keep your bouquet simple and limited to just a couple of flowers. It’s easy to incorporate into any small bunch of flowers, and adds interesting shape to your bouquet.

wheat bouquet

Alea Lovely Photo via Ruffled

Herbs and other edibles: This is one of my favorite ideas for an affordable an interesting bridal bouquet! There are a ton of gorgeous (and great smelling!) herbs and edible flowers out there that look perfectly lovely bundled together with a few pretty farmers-market flowers thrown in the mix.

herb bouquet

Johnny Photography via Wedding Chicks

Tulips: Pop on down to the local farmer’s market the day before your wedding if you’re having a spring wedding. The tulips will be right in season, and totally affordable! Wrap up some white tulip buds in pretty fabric or ribbon for a simple bridal solution to finding your wedding flowers.

tulip bouquet

Meredith Perdue

Lavender: Nothing smells better than freshly-cut lavender, and it’s a great rustic flower to use for your bridal bouquet. Whether dried or fresh, you’ll want to keep this around the entire day, and the smell of lavender will bring back sweet wedding memories in the future!

lavender bouquet

Elizabeth Messina via Snippet and Ink

Baby’s Breath: Baby’s breath isn’t just for cheap prom corsages anymore! Paired with pretty greenery or pastel colors, baby’s breath lends a sweet and almost innocent touch to your wedding decor.

babys breath bouquet

Brumley and Wells via Style Me Pretty

So what do you think? Will you be using a simpler type of bouquet for your wedding day, and save for more important wedding details, or are flowers going to play a big part of your day?