10 thoughtful and easy tips that will make your guests LOVE your wedding

If you’re having a wedding this summer, chances are your wedding isn’t the only one your guests will be attending. According to a recent study, about 69 million Americans will be attending more than one wedding this summer. That’s a lot of people going to a lot of weddings! While your guests are obviously going to be thrilled to see you get hitched, they’re also probably putting in a lot of time and money to celebrate with you. It’s only right to thank them for their attendance, and incorporating small, thoughtful touches to your wedding is the perfect way to do that. It’s understated and unique, but your guests are sure to notice your efforts and they’ll LOVE you for them! Here are our 10 smalls ways to wow your wedding guests with delightfully thoughtful gestures.

1. RSVP song request cards. Why wait until the big day to show your guests that you’re thinking about them? Send them a small question along with their invite asking them their favorite song, or what they like to drink. They’ll be excited to attend your wedding and be excited to help contribute to your big day!

song request

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2. Welcome bags for out-of-town guests. Your out-of-town guests have come a long way to attend the wedding day, and when they collapse in the hotel after a day of travel you can bet they’d be thrilled to find a thoughtful welcome bag full of goodies! Welcome bags don’t have to elaborate — usually just some snacks, a map of the area, and recommendations for sights and restaurants are enough.

welcome bag

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3. Thoughtful notes at the rehearsal dinner. Even if you greet everyone at your wedding, you probably won’t have very much time to have a relaxed conversation with them or catch up. Guests, especially close friends and family, will be attending your rehearsal dinner — why not take that time to leave them a small, personal note at their place setting? They’ll know you’re thinking about them and appreciate their presence, even if you don’t have enough time to tell them yourself.

handwritten note

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4. Hankies (for happy tears)! We love this idea! No guest wants to be stuck in the ceremony crying buckets, but without a tissue. Providing hankies for your more emotional guests means that they’ll be able to dab them away with a tasteful hanky (instead of dissolving into a blubbering mess during your personal vows).

wedding hankies

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5. Multi-purpose wedding programs. Why give your guests multiple items to hold or keep track of during your wedding ceremony? We love the idea of providing multi-purpose wedding programs: like this wedding program that doubles as a confetti bag, or programs that double as fans for hot outdoor ceremonies.

paper bags

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6. Sunglasses to protect their peepers! On the topic of outdoor weddings — if you are indeed having a ceremony out in the sunshine, your guests might have to endure a lengthy amount of time sitting in hot weather. While you can’t provide everyone the guarantee that they’ll still smell good afterwards (wouldn’t that be something?), you sure can protect their eyes from the light! Having a table or basket of complimentary sunglasses isn’t a bad idea for a summer wedding, and afterwards your guests will have fun taking crazy dance pictures rocking the shades.


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7. Personalized glasses for the reception. Have you been at a wedding reception and somewhere along the way you lose your wine glass? While it’s not a huge deal, it is rather annoying to hit the open bar again and get judged by the bartender. Providing your guests with personalized drinking vessels for your receptions means they’ll be less likely to lose their drink. And it’s more eco-friendly! Less glasses used = less water used to wash all the glasses. We’ll drink to that.

glass for the night

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8. Vases for your bridesmaid’s bouquets. Now, this is a truly thoughtful idea. Instead of having your bridesmaids tote their bouquets around or leaving them all around the reception, provide vases with water at their assigned seat. That way, they can keep the flowers looking fresh and pretty, leaving them hands-free (and guilt-free) for the night.

bridesmaids vases

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9. Dancing shoes! Let’s face it — dressy shoes are never that comfortable (even if they’re truly fabulous). While your guests will probably grin and bear it in their nice kicks if you have a crazy dance party, they (and their feet) will LOVE you if you give them comfy shoes to dance in!


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10. A safe ride home. While you can’t be there at the end of the night to make sure everyone goes home safe, you can do your darnest to make sure they don’t have any excuse to drive after their drinks! Putting out a list of local cabs with their number and service info is a great way to rest easy on your wedding night and for your guests to thank you the morning after (even if they have splitting headaches).

drink and drive

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So what do you think of these thoughtful ideas for your wedding guests? Which of these are you planning on incorporating on your big day — or, do you have thoughtful tips of your own? We’d love to hear them!