DIY: Bow tie for when you tie the knot

How adorable are bow ties?! I don’t know about you, but they’ve definitely got a soft spot in my heart. I found this DIY tutorial on Dream Catcher Baby and absolutely wanted to try it out.


These do-it-yourself bow ties can easily fit into any wedding – from the ring bearer, to the groomsmen, to your beloved pets!


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Best of all, you get to choose the fabric. Instead of hunting around looking for the perfect bow tie to match your color scheme, select from hundreds of fabrics at your local fabric store. I’m sure there is one there that will fit perfectly into your wedding!



  • Fabric
  • Interlacing (I used felt)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Velcro
  • Measuring tape

Let’s get started! First, cut out your fabric according to these measurements:

  • Bow: 10″ by 5″ of fabric, 9 1/2″ by 2″ of interlacing
  • Neck strap: 14″ by 3″ of fabric, 1″ by 14″ of interlacing
  • Center: 2″ by 3″ of fabric
  • Velcro: 1″ by 1″

The measurements used are for a small child or small dog and of course, can be adjusted for whoever you’re making the bow tie for.


Next, start to sew together your bow. Fold the 10″ by 5″ piece long ways and sew along the edges. Because I didn’t have access to a sewing machine, I sewed everything in this tutorial by hand. Granted, my sewing isn’t perfect! So if you want your bow tie to look more professional, I recommend using a sewing machine.


Once you’re done sewing the bow together, flip the fabric so it is right side out. Then, insert your interlacing through the fabric tube you just created. Next, fold the ends together evenly and sew down the middle to keep it in place. Don’t worry too much about how this looks – this part of your bow is going to be covered up anyway.


To create the bow shape, fold your fabric piece in half and then fold the edges to the center. Keep this shape in place using a rubberband. I started by holding my bow together with a hair tie, but when I reached the later steps I realized it was too thick. Using a small rubberband is the way to go.


The next step is to make your neck strap. Sew the 14″ by 3″ fabric into a tube, similar to your bow. Then turn the fabric right side out and insert the interlacing. This was definitely the hardest step for me – if you’ve ever washed a sweatshirt and the strings came out of the hood so you’re struggling to put it back in – that’s exactly how this step was. But, it’s not impossible, just be patient! Once you’ve completed that step, cut out your velcro and sew around the border. I folded by fabric into a point to make it look neater.


You’re almost done! Next, sew the 2″ by 3″ piece of fabric into a tube long ways then turn it right side out.


Now you have all the pieces you need to complete your bow tie. Line up your pieces in order: center on the bottom, bow in the middle, neck strap on top. Wrap the center piece around the bow and the neck strap and stitch the center piece around the whole thing.


You’ve got your very own bow tie! My little dog decided he was okay with modeling this piece for you…


All in all, I thought this do-it-yourself project was pretty straight forward and only took me a little over an hour – less if I had used a sewing machine! Tell us what you think – easy or not?