Sweet outdoor wedding by Sarah Culver

This adorable couple will make your heart melt! Photographer Sarah Culver captured Jillian and Aaron’s outdoor wedding perfectly. Sarah is based in Maryland and enjoys photographing weddings, food, portraits, and a little bit of everything else!

From all of the lace detailing to their handmade invitations and other wedding DIYs, this couple definitely pulled everything together for their beautiful day. We hope that these photographer features inspire you in your own wedding planning!



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Words from the bride…

“When I approached the planning of our wedding I knew I didn’t want to have “colors” or a strict theme to adhere to, but I wanted to tie in elements that were summery and warm and a mixture of all of my favorite things. At the time if you had looked at my closet you would have found a plethora of creamy pinks and warm whites, and with my love of all things rustic and unfinished, I had a direction for our day. We found our venue the day before we got engaged when we were invited to model for a styled shoot for a local wedding blog. I instantly fell in love with the high-ceilinged, stone-walled space, and I knew the rolling hills would be a beautiful backdrop to get married.”

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“So much of this wedding was a labor of love! All of the details were either made by me or my sister (and Aaron too!), while all of the vases were collected months prior to the wedding by various family members. The most time consuming part was that Aaron and I designed all of the papergoods for the day (including the invitations, programs, menus, name cards, and guest book). We got inspired in our design from shops on Etsy and invitations on Pinterest. Although it was stressful to design, cut, and paste all of our invitations, it was worth it when we saw the result. The way I kept positive throughout the process was reminding myself that these were my WEDDING invitations. It was so amazing to me that I was doing this so I could get MARRIED. That alone was the most encouraging part of our wedding planning for me.”


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“My absolute favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle. The emotions I felt in that moment will probably never be replicated as I held my Dad’s arm and walked into the arms of my groom. Aaron looked like he was going to burst out of his skin as I approached. We had already seen each other during a first look and pre-ceremony portraits, but it didn’t lessen that moment at all. That will always be such a sweet memory for me.”

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“Another important aspect for us was good food. We got married on a working farm, and got to custom design our menu with the chef. My favorite part was the macaroni and cheese bar with three different types offered. Also, some of the produce for the meal was picked from the farm that day! I made sure to take time to eat the food, and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t anticipating to have much of an appetite, but it turned out that it was Aaron who didn’t feel hungry. I practically cleared my plate it was so good!”


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Photography: Sarah Culver
Hair: Regis Salon
Make-up: Nicole Palermo
Venue: Richardson Farms
DJ: Soundwaves DJ/Scott West
Dress: Davids Bridal
Decorations: All DIY and thrifted
Flowers: Flowers by Linda (Linda Monatori)
Cakes: Yia Yias Bakery