DIY string art for your wedding day decor: Wedding Party style!

How awesome is string art?!

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Photo: Mr. Haack, design by JL Designs & Jesi Haack Design

DIY string heart project decor green wedding shoes

Photo: Katherine Elizabeth Photography by Green Wedding Shoes

This fun DIY project is the perfect addition to any bride and groom’s wedding day decor. Though it looks a little daunting at first, it’s definitely a rewarding project that will leave you feeling accomplished. I found this do-it-yourself tutorial on Green Wedding Shoes and decided to try making the Wedding Party logo!



  • A piece of wood – however big or small you want!
  • String, yarn or twine
  • A box of nails with heads so the string doesn’t come off
  • A large piece of paper to draw your design on
  • Wood stain or spray paint to paint the wood
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

The first thing I did after collecting my supplies was apply the wood stain. I decided to go with a wood stain to make it look more realistic and also avoid the messiness of spray paint. I set my wood down on a cloth canvas and started to paint the stain on. Following the instructions on the can, I painted the stain evenly across the entire board and let it dry for 15 minutes. Then, I went over the wood with a cloth to remove any of the excess stain.


For a little added fun, I decided to paint the heads of my nails gold to make them pop a little more against the dark color of the wood. Little did I know, when you hammer nails it chips away any paint! So, I ended up repainting the nails after I had nailed them into the wood board.


After prepping my wood, I drew my design (Wedding Party logo!) onto a large piece of butcher paper. I measured out one inch on the outline of the logo and made a tic mark to evenly space out the nails. The most strenuous part of this project was nailing the nails in! Make sure you nail them in at an even length.


I made the nails in the heart outline a little bit taller than the camera outline to give the finished product a little more depth. You can barely tell but it makes the heart pop a little more! Have fun playing around with this too.


Next comes the fun part – making your string design! Start by tying one end of your string to whichever nail you want to start with, then start wrapping the string around other nails. Be creative and have fun with this process! What helped for me was taking a step back every few strings and seeing what spaces needed more string or less string to make the design more even.


When I was finished making the design on the inside of the logo, I wrapped the string around the outline of the camera and the outline of the heart to make those stand out more. And that’s all there is to it!


Now we just have to find a place to put it in the office!

Photo Jul 26, 11 10 43 AM

Would a string art piece fit in with your wedding day decor? Hearts or initials seem like popular choices! Tell us what you think!