Weekly Roundup for August 4: The Best Wedding Gems on the Web

We’re starting a new weekly series that I think you dear readers are going to LOVE! Each Sunday, I’m going to be sharing my favorite little gems of wedding inspiration, stories, and posts from the web. I’ll package it up neatly into a short, sweet, and fun post and do the week’s wedding research for you. All you’ll have to do is meet me here every Sunday for my weekly roundup. Sound good? Great, let’s get started!

Crazy wedding pin of the week:

How crazy are these handmade PEONY PINATAS?!?! I don’t know about you, but the last time there was a pinata at my party, I had braces and the pinata had the PowerPuff Girls on them. However, I do believe having these pinatas at a party will make you the coolest bride on the block. Make them even more grown-up and put mini-sized bottles of alcohol instead of candy. YUM.

peony pinata

Corner Blog

OMG! of the week

Our jaws dropped when we saw the amazing photos of Shannon and Seema’s Indian wedding ceremony. It’s such a wonderful melding of culture, love, and acceptance that it’s no wonder their wedding photos captured the hearts of wedding lovers all over the internet. Even though their wedding photos did an amazing job telling the story of their special day, now you can read about the story of their relationship too. (PS it’s amazing).


Steph Grant Photography

Cool wedding of the week:

We’re huge fans of A Beautiful Mess, so we were thrilled to get a teeny glimpse into co-editor Emma’s wedding on 100 Layer Cake! As expected, the wedding was impeccably designed with just a hint of quirkiness. Also, the groom walked down the aisle with his bride and a can of PBR. Pics or it didn’t happen, you say? See below.

pbr wedding

Arrow & Apple

Happy thoughts of the week:

D’awwwww! This adorable post on how Redditors (that’s people who read Reddit) proposed to their significant others made us smile. We promise it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy, even if you’re having the crappiest week.

winter proposal

Chris Emeott Photography

Style find of the week:

In my opinion, purple is kind of a tough color to pull off. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen to many references to purple wardrobe disasters as looking like a “purple people eater”. But I digress. The point is, these bridesmaids look absolutely stunning in these delicate shades of purple, and the long gowns add an element of elegance. If you’re doing purple bridesmaids dresses, this is how to do it right.

shades of purple

Virgil Bunao

Etsy find of the week: Milk and Honey Luxuries

While I love attending weddings, it’s always kind of a drag to try and figure out what gift to get the couple. Should I go with something on their registry? Branch out and be creative? Split a large item with some friends? Well okay, I usually go for the latter, but in case you’re flying solo on gift-giving, try out the Milk and Honey boutique on Etsy. They’ve got tons of adorable, customized kitchen items (silverware, coffee mugs, cutting boards) that are sure to surprise and delight the newlyweds.

i do forks

Milk and Honey

If you have something that you really enjoyed reading this week or an awesome wedding find you want to share with the world, let us know! Leave it in a comment, and we’ll be sure to check it out. The upcoming week is full of possibilities, and we’ll be sure to rendezvous with you lovely readers again next Sunday for the newest and best wedding gems on the web!