Weekly Roundup for Aug 11: The Best Wedding Gems on the Web!

This one’s for the brides! Did you not get enough Pinterest or blog time this week? Maybe you forgot to check your Google Reader…oh wait, those don’t exist anymore. Fear not! We’ve got the web’s best wedding finds of the week. Enjoy!

Crazy pin of the week:

We fell in love with this adorable idea the moment we saw it on Pinterest! These simple, paper engagement ring shapes make the perfect drink markers for you and your girls at the bridal shower or bachelorette party. This way, you’ll never lose track of your drink! Such a simple yet unique idea. You can order packs of 50 engagement ring paper cut outs on Etsy for cheap, so there’s no reason not to incorporate them at your next bridal celebration!

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Elizabeth Doo Dah

Style Find of the week:

Our jaws definitely dropped when we stumbled over this unique bride and bridesmaids style! In a totally interesting and puzzlingly gorgeous decision, the bride put her bridesmaids in white, and opted for a blush colored gown. While the traditional colors for the bride and bridesmaids here are totally flip-flopped…we kind of love it!

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Jessica Sim via Magnolia Rouge

Bridal lifesaver of the week:

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to arrive at the airport before a vacation? You know, the nagging feeling that tells you you forgot something really important? Well, you can definitely have that feeling on your wedding day, even though that’s a feeling you totally don’t want to have! The day’s already busy enough — you shouldn’t have to worry about forgetting mins or bobby pins! Below, you’ll find a totally easy-to-follow, clear guide on what you’ll need on the big day, in case of emergency. Pack away!

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Something Turquoise

Etsy find of the week:

Our hearts definitely get all aflutter when we see gorgeously designed wedding stationery. So you can image how we felt when we saw this totally personal and simple thank-you card from violaprints on Etsy. Shop owner Jillian will put together a custom design for your thank-you cards or save-the-dates. They’re simple, chic, and your guests will love receiving them.

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Wedding of the week:

Maybe it’s my Pacific Northwestern roots, but I love just about any wedding that takes place in Seattle or Portland. Call me biased, sure. But I bet you’ll also love this totally cozy and fun Portland restaurant wedding, featured this week on Snippet and Ink. The bride wore a short, vintage-y Sarah Seven dress, her bridesmaids wore sequins, and their reception was a cozy and intimate soiree at one of their fave restaurants. What’s not to love?

weekly update 5

Christy Cassano-Meyer Photography via Snippet and Ink

DIY of the week:

Now this is a DIY we can definitely get behind — we love anything that will jazz up your technology a bit! For your bridal shower or an intimate get-together with your bridesmaids, gift them with personalized handmade iPhone or Android cases. Believe it or not, it’s actually really easy and cheap! While the tutorial shows the DIY with cute patterned paper, we think photos would be great way to personalize the cases for your besties.

weekly update 6

Ruffled Blog

We hope you enjoyed our finds! If you had an awesome wedding find of your own, let us know! Comment and show us what you’ve found on the wonderful online world of weddings.