The Weekly Roundup: Edition 4 of the best wedding pins, ideas, and inspiration on the web

As always, we’re here again on Sunday to deliver the best of the best in everything wedding on the web! From our favorite pins to our favorite style finds, we’ve scoured the web awesome wedding inspiration that we know you’ll love. Aaaaand we’ve thrown in a little groom style action for you guys this week…woo hoo!

Best Wedding Photo Idea

This is an original idea that not may couples do…but they should! Your marriage ceremony is of course the best symbol of your union, but it’s the license that seals the deal. So make sure that you snap the photo when you’re still in the marriage glow!

marriage license pic

Visionyard Photography

Best Bridesmaids Style

This is a great idea that we think your bridesmaids will also love! Instead of giving them one dress to wear, try getting convertible dresses in ombre colors. This way, your bridesmaids will be able to style their dress just the way that flatters their bodies.

bridesmaids ombre

Goddess by Nature

Best Groom Style

I’m a big fan of sharp suit jackets in bolder colors and lighter pants on grooms — it’s a great look that’s not traditional but makes a fun, bold statement. Plus, your man will be able to wear something awesome that’ll compliment your wedding colors.

red jacket


Best Delish DIY

So we usually feature crafty wedding DIYs, but when we saw these homemade chocolate cups on Pinterest, we knew we had to share them with you! These tasty treats would be a great sweet snack at your bridal shower or at the wedding cocktail hour — just try it!

chocolate cup

Cupcake Project

Best Original Save the Date

How cool is the pennant Save the Date idea? Give your guests a surprise with this original retro flag with your official wedding date — it’ll definitely look cute hung up on their refrigerator for the next few months! Get them here from Etsy.

std pennant

Melangerie NYC

Best Surprise of the Week!

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