10 Cool & Creative Party Hacks For Your Wedding Events!

Looking for easy, creative ways to wow guests at your wedding events? Look no further. Today we share 10 awesome party hacks that will really make an impact. Use these tricks when planning your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even incorporate them into your wedding day design!

hacks6 Societe Perrier

1. Cotton Candy Bubbly – For this picture perfect drink simply fill a glass with some cotton candy and poor champagne in over it. Simple and delicious!


 Inspired Bride

2. Lovely Lemons – Use a potato peeler to strip the peel off the lemon from top to bottom. Then slice the lemon horizontally and BOOM – you have perfect little lemon flowers.


Anna The Red

3. Adorable Heart Eggs – This one takes a little more work but it is still super easy. You’ll need two rubber bands, a rounded skewer, and a flexible piece of cardboard. First, boil the egg and peel it. While the egg is still warm, wrap the clean piece of cardboard around the egg leaving a portion of the egg exposed. Place the skewer on the exposed side and push it into the egg so it creates a little pressure. Secure the cardboard and the skewer around the egg with rubber bands and let it sit for 10 min. Then simply cut your egg in half and there you have it! Serve your pretty creations either as regular hard boiled eggs or carefully remove the yolk and make deviled eggs. Yum!


DIY Real

4. Custom Labels – Add a lot of fun and flare to your events by switching out water bottle labels with fun duct tape. This little trick can really make a huge design impact!


Inspired Bride

5. Creative Cup Covers – Keep drinks clean and cute by placing a straw in an upside down cupcake wrapper.


This Is Me – Christine Marie

6. Easy Cake Plate – Instead of spending a ton on pricey cake plates for your dessert bar, make your own with a candle holder, some glue, a plate, and the paint color of your choice.


Apartment Therapy

7. Creative Candles – Save some green by purchasing regular white candles and coloring them yourself using a crock pot and some crayons.


Interior Attack

8. Well Lite – Create your own chandelier by stringing some white Christmas lights around a bare umbrella frame. Now your getting crafty!


 Society Bride

9. Get The Glow – Give your tables a life of their own by placing a camping lantern underneath them. The “light from within” effect will get better and better as the night goes on.


100 Layer Cake

10. Wonderful Wallpaper – To add a pop of texture and pattern to your event use a strip of wallpaper as table runner. The pattern you choose should be something that really shows off your personality. This trick can really add some life to a drab space.

So we want to know what YOU think. Are you ready to hack your way through your wedding events? Let us know which idea you plan to put into action!


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