The Weekly Roundup: Edition 7 of the best wedding pins, ideas, and inspiration

What did you miss this week, dear Wedding Party readers? Well the truthful answer is that you missed a lot. So much crazy stuff happened this week! But don’t worry — we’ll fill you in. After this post you’ll be caught up in the wonderful world of weddings. Ain’t that great?

Gagnam style (flower girl edition)

Flower girls are always adorable, but this flower girl is AWESOME. And has some serious moves…like, Gagnam style moves. Skip to about 1:05 to where the real fun begins and get ready to giggle.

If Regina George got married, she would sound like this bridezilla


Captured by Jen

Head for the hills! It seems like every month a new (terrifying) wedding story is leaked to Gawker, which features bigger, better, and crazier bridezillas. You’ll want to read the latest episode, in which a bridesmaid forwarded a chain of bride-to-bridesmaids planning emails. Let’s just say it starts with the bride opening her email with the line “NO ONE CAN BE SKINNIER THAN THE BRIDE” and goes from there. Intrigued yet? I’ll be writing more on that this week.

This pretty and mod pink wedding dress

pink mod dress

Lela Rose via Style Bistro

We’re still clinging on to the last little bits of summer style before fall hits us in full force. This pretty and pink mod wedding dress caught our eye this week — it’d be the perfect dress for a spring/summer 2014 bride who wants something different!

We found the perfect wedding mani!

wedding mani

This sweet simple mani caught our eye on Pinterest this week, and for good reason! It’s simple, sparkly, and oh-so-bridal. Inspired yet?

Awesome advice for the week: the pros of a first look

benj haisch

Benj Haisch

This week on the blog, our lovely friend and wedding photographer Emily from Anna Delores photography shared some words of wisdom about doing a first look. There’s a lot of pros, so if you’re on the fence about whether to do a first look then check it out!


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