The Weekly Roundup: Edition 8 of the best wedding ideas and inspiration

Hello lovelies! How was your week? I have to say that mine was a whirlwind, but in the business of it all there were definitely a few wedding gems that stuck out to me that I was tickled by — hopefully you’ll find them wonderful, wacky, and wedding-y as well!

Personalized signature necklaces

While pricey, these necklaces are awesome! Basically, you can take a signature and get it in a one-of-a-kind necklace. It’s great for honoring someone in your life — whether it’s your future spouse, a family member, or a close friend. Heck, if your signature rocks, you should get that made into a necklace too!

neiman marcus1

Neiman Marcus

The french braid pullover

Is this the prettiest and most unexpected bridal hair as of late? I’m tempted to say yes. Somewhere in between a loosely structured french braid and a side pony, this hairstyle is elegant as can be.

french pull hair

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Honey, make me a sandwich

300 sandwiches, to be exact. You’ve probably heard right now of the smart, successful, and talented Stephanie Smith, a writer for the New York Post. Apparently she’s a great sandwich chef — so great, her boyfriend declared she was “300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring”. For Stephanie? Challenge accepted. Read the story here, and then check our her blog on well, her 300 sandwiches.

At Home with Stephanie Smith author of Blog 300 Sandwiches and

NY Post 

Beautiful swoopy letters!

There’s tons of calligraphy artists on Etsy, and they’re all supremely talented. However, we stumbled across YouDoll Design a couple weeks ago, and have been obsessed with her work ever since! Laura Udall, who owns the shop and is the calligrapher and artist, has gorgeously crafted calligraphy and a keen eye for adorable art. She can even make you a custom piece of art or calligraphy! Perfect for the couple who’s looking for a unique touch to add to the big day.


YouDoll Design via Etsy

Advice of the week

Blogger, fashion journalist and newlywed Maggie Winterfeldt shared her tactics on how she got amazing engagement photos on the blog this week. If you’re a newly engaged gal and need some guidance on how to start planning for awesome photos, you must check out her super helpful tips! Pssst — and she’s also a mini Pinterest celeb! You might recognize her from this gorgeous wedding dress photo…


Hyer Images

What do you think, readers? Any of these wedding goodies stick out to you, or did we miss anything noteworthy? Leave your thoughts in our comments!