10 amazing and unique wedding venues that you haven’t thought of

unique wedding venues

Sarah Yates

It’s that time of the year where the weather gets colder and we’re fantasizing about being anywhere but in our freezing office! While searching for amazing destination wedding ideas, I stumbled across a couple who got married on a private island. Can you believe it?! I eventually started  searching for more amazing, off beat and jaw-droppingly gorgeous wedding venues, which leads me to share this list of unique wedding venues with you today (hooray!). If you’re an engaged gal who’s looking for some different wedding venue inspiration, look no further! My quest for the best and most unique wedding venues has resulted in some seriously amazing and unexpected places to tie the knot. Here are my  10 favorites; there’s something in here for everyone (hopefully) so get your daydreaming caps on and start reading!

Unique wedding venue for the beach lovers: A private island wedding

If you’re happiest on the beach with sand between your toes and a warm breeze, consider getting married on the beach…your own private beach that is! Don’t know where to rent out your private island for a wedding? Believe it or not, Airbnb has an entire wishlist of private islands that you can rent out by the day.

unique wedding venues

the nichols

For the outdoorsy: A glamping wedding

Take a cue from Matthew McConaughey’s hip wedding — they had a glamping theme, and you should too! Especially if you’re outdoor lovers. It’s a great way to incorporate a camping/nature theme with the comfort and convenience of a traditional wedding venue. Plus, you get to set up fun teepees, roast marshmallows, and frolic in the wilderness! What could be better?

unique wedding venues

The Goodness

For the playful couple: A luxe trailer park wedding

Okay, some of you may be raising your eyebrows at a trailer park wedding, but trust me it’s FUN. Take, for example, the Hicksville Trailer Park in Joshua Tree — it’s an amazingly luxe and kitschy place that’s a surefire fun place for your nuptials. Cater your wedding with a food truck to make it even more amazing!

unique wedding venues

onelove photography

For the storybook romance: A castle wedding

Are you a Cinderella and your partner is Prince(ss) Charming? Then a castle wedding may be in order to make your fairytale a reality. Like private islands, castles are actually easier than you think to rent out for weddings. Ask your planner if there are any castles in the area that are regular wedding venues. Or, (again), Airbnb will let you rent one.

unique wedding venues

Marianne Taylor Photography

For the winos: A wine cellar wedding

I personally love winery weddings, but if you want to put a unique spin on the wine theme, try holding your reception in the wine cellar! While not all wine cellars may be created equally, there are some totally gorgeous basement areas out there in wineries that can accommodate your reception while lending a luxe and old-word vibe to the celebration.

unique wedding venues

Jeremy Chou Photography

For the offbeat couple: A music festival wedding

I now pronounce you Burning Man and wife. Did you know getting married and music festivals are a thing? Burning Man, the well known music/art festival is a venue every year for a large number of couples who flock there to tie the knot (among other things). Of course, music festivals in your local vicinity that you know and love are also a good bet too for a fun, offbeat and entertaining wedding day.

unique wedding venues

Kern Photo

For the adventurous: A cave wedding

While I’m a little afraid of caves, I’m (strangely) totally sold the idea of having a wedding in one! As long as it wasn’t too far away from the entrance, of course. It makes for stunning photos and definitely gives your big day the WOW factor. I like this variation, where the reception is just at the mouth of a cave, surrounded by amazing rock formations.

unique wedding venues

Emily Elizabeth Photo

For the history buffs: A covered bridge wedding

You won’t find a lot of covered wood bridges these days, but the ones that are remaining are a fun historic relic from another time. They also happen to make great ceremony venues! It’s outdoorsy yet covered in case of inclement weather, and for a summer wedding it’s a convenient spot for shade too. I was actually a guest at Lauren and Dalton’s covered bridge wedding (pictured below) and I can say that their ceremony was one I’ll never forget!

unique wedding venues

Justin DeMutiis Photography

For vintage lovers: An antique store wedding

How amazing is this idea? For lovers of all things vintage and antique, an antique store wedding might be the spot for you. You’ll have to find a place that’s spacious and can accommodate you and your guests, but you won’t be able to beat the decor! No need for vintage rentals here 🙂

unique wedding venues

Kate Harrison Photography

For nature lovers: A plant nursery wedding

If you love love love plants and are looking for a quirky alternative to a garden wedding, why not try a plant nursery? They’ll have a lot more varieties of flowers and trees to decorate your wedding space with, and sourcing flowers or wedding greenery might be easy if you’re already working with the nursery! Alex and Gavin’s wedding (pictured below) followed along with the plant theme with herbs and other pretty plants at each reception table.

unique wedding venues

Chaffin Cade Photography

So what do you think of these 10 unique wedding venue ideas, dear readers? Some of them are a little more far fetched than others, but they’re all quirky and sure to make your special day even more memorable! Of course, there may be even more exciting and unique places to get married that I haven’t thought of; do you have any suggestions? What weddings have you been to with venues that have blown you away?