12 cringeworthy and cliche engagement photo mistakes to avoid at all costs


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I can’t stress enough how essential (and funny!) this blog post is going to be for you newly engaged ladies who are looking for engagement photo advice. There’s a lot of cliche engagement photo inspiration out there on the interwebs, and sometimes it’s hard to sort out what might work well, with things that just are going to look silly. Well, we’ve put together a definitive list of suggestions for what NOT to do in your engagement photos.

Now, I’m going to be fair. Engagement photos should be all about you and your fiance, and it should reflect your lives accurately so that you can look back on the photos with fondness. I don’t know these couples or their stories; it could be that these are the engagement photos of their dreams, or that it reflects their personalities in some sort of way that I just don’t know about. Not everyone is the same, so these 12 rules just aren’t going to work for everybody. But hopefully they give you some guidance, ideas, or giggles for your engagement photo planning. And if you want to see more, just hop on over to the Bad Engagement Photos tumblr…I know you’ll love it.

1. Don’t be afraid of cooties



2. But remember, keep it PG





3. Your cats are adorable, but…





4. Please PLEASE leave these props at home




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5. Ladies, stand up for yourself. This is just degrading.


KJ Images from Source



6. Keep your undies hidden. Or, at least wear cute panties if they have to show.


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7. Don’t look like you hate your life



8. Tone down the photoshop


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9. On a railroad? LOOK OUT FOR THE TRAIN.


youa photography

10. Don’t take “put things into perspective” too literally





11. Good for an instagram photo, not great for your professional engagement photography


Paula Anddrade from Source

12. Just…try to do things that make sense




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All jokes aside, at the end of the day it’s your engagement and you should get what you want from your engagement photos. Even though some of the photos above gave us a good laugh, I bet the couples had a great time posing for them. So couples, want to let you quirky side shine, then go for it! If you can find a photographer that’s equally as quirky, then you’re in luck!

So what do you guys think? Are my 12 rules totally unfounded, or do you agree with the cliche engagement photo mistakes to avoid? What did you do for your engagement photos, and how do you think they’ll stand the test of time when you look back 20 years from now? For some more hilarious  engagement photos visit THIS TUMBLR PAGE.



  1. Kat VM on | Reply

    I agree with #2, #8, & #10, however I feel the majority of these photo examples actually depend on the subjects’ personalities. We have no idea whether #5b or #7 are plays on an inside joke.

    As a newly engaged woman, and a former J-student, I think the most important rule for engagement shoots is this: make sure you won’t be embarrassed by your photos in the future. If you love props, use them tastefully! If you want to include a beloved pet, do so! If you want sexier photos, then get them for you and your other half.

    It’s your engagement; do what makes you happy. Consult your photographer; they usually won’t steer you wrong.

  2. Thanks for these great tips. I love that you included the hands making a heart. Although I don’t mind it on a pregnant belly, I hate seeing it for anything else. And those perspective shots went out mid-90s, I think. Hilarious list of don’t dos. Ha! Ha!

  3. Brenda on | Reply

    My now husband, being a professional photographer hates being in front of the camera; so for our engagement announcement we decided to create two different projects, a pink for me and a blue for him (our favourite colours) in which we would announce to the world that we are ENGAGED and which reflected our personalities. I found this great not just at that moment but as a keepsake as we now have two different cardboard that reflect who we are. I should say we got a lot of compliments on these and our friends thoughts it was cool we were thinking outside the box!

    • Sarah on | Reply

      I’d love to see your pics!

  4. JR on | Reply

    I cannot stand those cheesy signs. I think the high majority of ppl think they’re dumb. The heart hands, the cats??? Really? Fine! You want a photo with your cats regardless of how stupid it looks. Don’t bother showing anyone and forcing them to fake how cute it is. No dumping? Only the boys are laughing.

  5. MJ on | Reply

    It’s ok for the photographer to take pics like these, but the bride and groom do not need to choose them to send out to everyone. My mother got a picture of her grandson where he was gazing into the beautiful bride’s ear. She didn’t want a profile shot of her grandson! It was a beautiful picture to have displayed in the couple’s home somewhere but not on Grandma’s coffee table. She promptly replaced it with a candid shot from their bridal shower where BOTH people were looking at the camera. It’s not all about the bride.

  6. As a professional photographer, I’d have to say your comments are SPOT ON. I’d also like to point out that any professional photographer worth their salt will not even entertain these ideas, or will at least make them less cheesy.

  7. Ella on | Reply

    There is nothing wrong with props or the hand heart picture at all. I thought the hand heart was cute. I mean seriously? The Instagram comment was ignorant. The bottom line is that it is their engagement photo and not your’s, therefore, your opinion does not matter. Let people do what they want to do.

  8. Emily on | Reply

    I actually like the props and the hand heart. I think they’re cute. My fiancé and I have made “pinky promises” since the beginning of our relationship and I love it. So, we took a photo of just our hands in a “pinky promise” to where my ring showed. Also, the last picture cracked me up. Maybe he’s just a silly guy? It couldn’t have been a serious picture. I’m just saying, some of these points are very valid but others are not.