Don’t forget to keep guests warm at your winter wedding with these 4 easy tips and tricks!

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Ah, the winter wedding. If you’re a cold weather bride, you’ve probably had to put in a lot of thought about how to keep guests warm at your winter wedding; especially if you want to take advantage of the natural winter beauty by being outside! Whether you’re having your ceremony outdoors or your reception in an open-air venue, one thing’s for sure: you don’t want your guests to turn into human popsicles! Keeping all your guests comfortable and happy in a winter wedding ceremony is quite the quandry. Luckily, we have 4 tips for you that will help keep your guests cozy rather than cold!

DIY hand warmers

Leave a basket of hand warmers out at the entrance of your ceremony, or have your ushers pass them out. Even if your guests have bundled up in their winter jackets, their frozen fingers will appreciate it!

Cute and creative hand warmer wedding favors for wedding guests. This is perfect for a winter wedding!

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Snuggly blankets for the ceremony

Blankets are another great addition to your ceremony, especially if your guests need to be outside for an extended period of time. Customizing them for your wedding day can also make a great, practical favor for some of your guests!

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Warm, delicious drinks for the reception

One of the easiest ways to warm up cold guests is with hot drinks at your cocktail hour or reception. We love this coffee and donuts idea, but you can also have hot chocolate, cider, or even grown-up drinks like mulled wine or hot toddys!

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Light a bonfire!

If you have an outdoor reception venue that might get a little chilly at night, nothing keeps people warmer than a bonfire! Plus, it can lend a cozy camping-chic vibe to your special day (if that’s what you’re going for). Add in s’more materials and you’ve got a recipe for giddy guests!

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With these four easy tricks, your guests will be warm, cozy, and happy at your outdoor wedding ceremony. Like these guests! Don’t they look like they’re having a wonderfully warm time?

cozy outdoor winter wedding

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Are there any brides out there who are braving the outdoor elements for their winter wedding? How are you planning on keeping your guests nice and toasty? Or should winter weddings never be held outdoors? You tell us in the comments!