3 cool ways to announce your engagement, and the lamest way to break the news

announce your engagement with these 3 unique (and not cliche!) ways

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So you just got engaged, huh? Well congrats! It’s an exciting time of the year, and doubtless you’ve seen news about other couples getting engaged too. However, with our ever-more interconnected culture, there’s a right and wrong way to break the happy news to your peers. I mean, don’t you want everyone to be wowed by the news as they should be? Here are 3 creative ways to announce your engagement…and one engagement announcement mistake to avoid!

1. A funny card: underrated, but cool!

Don’t you love getting snail mail? I honestly always look forward to writing and receiving cards; it’s a totally underrated way to say hi. It’s a thoughtful gesture that leaves someone with a little reminder of your special event or relationship. Plus, how surprised would a friend or family member be to get a random card with your happy news? I like these sassy but sweet options by Julie Ann Art on Etsy. Maybe add in some confetti or glitter for an extra-festive touch 🙂

Totally adorable engagement card by Julie Ann Art

Hilarious engagement card idea by Julie Ann Art on Etsy

2. A custom website to surprise your friends & family

Picture a whole interactive timeline of your relationship, which ends in your engagement news! Ever since we saw Jess and Russ do it with their custom website, we’ve been jealous of the couple who can send a little unsuspecting link to their friends…and pack a huge punch with their amazing message! Luckily, it’s easy (and free) to put together your own engagement website with Introducing Us. No technical knowledge needed!

create a digital relationship timeline on Introducing.Us!

3. If you must Instagram…

Make sure you include him! We think that this particular snapshot is adorable, since it not only shows your ring but the happy groom-to-be. And please try to spice up your caption to something more creative than “We’re engaged!!!!!!!!”?

instagram engagement announcement photo. Cute photo idea!

Better than Fine

And now for the lamest way to break the news:

If you’re going to announce your engagement on Facebook…well…don’t do it. Really, I know you’re happy but just don’t do it. There’s no great way to announce your engagement without sounding trite. Don’t believe me? You know you’ve seen these 5 (annoying) ways people announce their engagement on Facebook, and rolled your eyes.

Cliche facebook engagement announcement

Nice ring, though!

From my personal point of view, announcing your engagement on Facebook isn’t personal at all. Everyone from your awesome cousin to that not-so-awesome rando you met at a party 4 years ago is going to see the news, which cheapens how freaking awesome your engagement is. That doesn’t mean you have to keep it secret and never put the news on Facebook…just put more thought into it than a status update that goes up 20 minutes after he pops the question.

So what do you think, brides and wedding lovers? Do you like our engagement announcement ideas, and agree with our one engagement announcement no-no? Or, have you seen an engagement announcement on Facebook that you thought was unique and special?