A snapshot of the 5 best and worst wedding trends of 2013


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I always find the end of the year a great time for reflection. It always goes by so fast that it feels like a blur…but a lot can happen in just one year! Since we’re always thinking about weddings over here, it’s fun to look back on all the trends that really delighted us, and all the trends that were kind of…meh. And, it’s a great way to get us looking forward to the new year! Who knows what kind of fun wedding surprises 2014 has in store?

Below is our personal list of things that we at Wedding Party love love LOVED…and the things we hope don’t cross over into 2014. Let’s bring our favorites into the New Year, just leave the more painful things in the past, shall we?

We Loved these:

1. Patterned wedding dresses

This year was full of wedding trends that turned traditions upside down and came up with something way more exciting, interesting, and beautiful. One of these trends was brides in daring patterns and colors! We saw brides everywhere stepping out in exciting floral patterns, bright colors, and overall very interesting (in a good way) style choices. Blush and white are sooooo 2012.

floral dress

Claudia Rose Carter

2. Bridesmaids in white

In the vein of wedding traditions that got turned on their heads, this is another one we loved: bridesmaids in white! Yes, ladies, the bridesmaids can wear white to the wedding and not upstage the bride…in fact, they all look pretty darn good together!

bridesmaids white2

3. Naked cakes

In 2013 we saw wedding cakes get simplified — the over-the top concoctions of cake architecture were replaced with naked cakes! Naked cakes basically are unfrosted on the outside, but are just as delicious and quite pretty! If your wedding was big on neutrals and simple design, a naked cake was the perfect answer to your wedding dessert.

naked cake

Jade and Matthew Take Pictures

4. Top knots

This simple but dramatic style got the red carpet treatment in 2013 — everyone is doing the top knot, and I gotta say, it looks pretty good on brides! It’s a great unfussy yet glamorous style, and very easy to DIY.

bride top knot

This Moment Forever

5. Super small weddings

Forget wedding celebrations that look more like carnivals. Weddings are getting much smaller and more intimate, and we love it! Of course, it’s easier on the budget, but there are other perks. You can actually hang out with everyone on the big day, and have your wedding in more intimate spaces, like your backyard or your favorite restaurant. It’s a great way to celebrate your marriage and closeness with friends and family…and after all, isn’t that what it’s about?

lindsay   raleigh-628

Christina Heaston

We’re so totally over these:

1. Bridezillas

Yeesh. Bridezillas, please stay home in 2014. We couldn’t believe the number of jaw-dropping stories about bridezillas in 2013, especially stories that involved tiffs with wedding guests about their gifts. It’s not a great trend, and we hope that all brides keep in mind the importance of loved ones at their wedding day…and not how much cash they’ll be bringing to the table! First, there was this epic text message war between a couple and a guest about their gift, then there was this bride who was really disappointed with the $100 she got from a friend.  And let’s not forget this really terrifying bridezilla’s email chain to her bridesmaids. Let’s make 2014 the year of gracious brides, grooms, and guests.


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2. Facebook engagement announcements

We’re pretty over lame engagement announcements — especially ones done through social media. I know social media makes it easy to share your news in like, a millisecond. But it’s special news that deserves special treatment, right?

fb proposal


Tierra LiCausi

3. Cheesy engagement photos

Please please please….if there’s anything we want gone from our Pinterest feeds, it’s really cheesy engagement photos. Again people: be creative! Showcase your interests, your lives, your relationship…just please don’t use Scrabble tiles or make “I said Yes” signage.


4. Shabby chic anything

Dear shabby chic: we’re breaking up with you. Goodbye to mason jars, burlap and lace, vintage twine-covered coke bottles…we’re done. No more distressed white signage, either. Everyone’s thinking it so we’ll just say it: shabby chic has been done to death. We’re already seeing a bunch of really interesting new wedding decor trends emerge that we can’t wait to see in 2014. Think cultural fiesta-like themes, weddings with overabundant flowers, or urban-industrial celebrations full of brick, reclaimed wood, and microbrews. Let’s finally put the mason jars to rest. They had a good run.

shabby chic

Kristyn Hogan

5. Copycat wedding photos

One thing we saw happen that we weren’t crazy about: copycat wedding photos. Sure, this T-rex wedding photo was funny the first time I saw it. But when I saw 15 other weddings with this same photo the next month, it wasn’t funny anymore. Just unimpressive. I think people tend to see things they like on Pinterest, and will end up doing 10 different photos that are over-posed and have been done before. Think outside the box and think about your own special day when putting together your wedding shot list. Make it a representation of your special day — not a representation of what’s on Pinterest at the moment.

trex wedding

Quinn Miller

So what do you think, brides? Am I on-point with the best and worst wedding trends of 2013, or am I totally backwards? (You can tell me I’m wrong — do it in the comments!). Looking forward to 2014, I hope to see a lot more original and exciting ideas. You brides are creative, and there’s a lot of great ideas out there for weddings…so let’s go get ’em!