2013 is the year of the bridezilla. Here are our favorite stories…


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I don’t know if you noticed, but the number of bridezilla stories we read about in 2013 frankly blew our minds. Maybe it’s just the crappy economy or maybe it’s the fact the weddings today are a bigger deal than ever, but nightmarish accounts of bridezillas were found all over the internet by disgruntled guests and/or bridesmaids (and/or ex-friends).

While we wholly believe that weddings should be happy celebrations of love and commitment, it is a big ordeal. I understand that the stress can push someone close to the edge. But in our four favorite bridezilla stories, these brides were way, WAY over the edge. Like, not-okay-over-the-edge. Let’s hope their experiences provide cautionary tales to the brides of 2014!

1. The “How dare you only give me $100” bride


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In this amazing Facebook message from a bride to her guest, the bride opens with: “I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike’s and I wedding that both you and Phil gave 50$ each? “.

Record scratch: wh-wh-wh-WHAT? That’s right, this bride was under the impression that throwing a wedding means that their guests are paying to attend. I mean, how else are you going to pay for that extravagant reception? Feuds between brides and gift-giving guests were a motif in bridezilla conflicts in 2013…and this isn’t even the worst example of that conflict (though it’s pretty darn bad).


2. The “Your paltry gift is sooooooo insulting” bride


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In this episode, a bride sends the rudest, most passive-aggressive text ever to a guest complaining about their gift. The guest, opting to put together a more personal present for the newlywed brides, created a gift basket of artisan snacks and foods for the couple. The brides basically threw the gift back in his face (metaphorically, of course), saying that his present really sucked.

To be fair, when confronted the guest didn’t put on his best behavior, resorting to low blows like the couple. I just — you need to read it. Seriously. $100 says your jaw will drop.

3. The “Just-kidding-I’m-not-kidding” bride


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Let’s hope you’re never in the bridal party for a bridezilla like this. Taking on the role of Queen Bee, this terrifying bride started an email chain among her bridesmaids laying out a list of rules, requirements and regiments for being bridesmaids. On the list: haircuts must be approved, everyone needs to log their weight loss, THOUGH no one can be skinner than the bride. Yeesh.

We’re thinking this bride had exactly zero people in the bridal party who truly had her back on the big day. So girls: make sure you think twice about squealing “YES!” to a bridesmaids proposal. Especially if you get the impression your friend could go bat sh*t crazy.

4. The “My wedding isn’t free” bride


Budget Savvy Bride

And now, for a story about a bridezilla who actually got SERVED. In this scary story, the close friend of the bride in question just lost her job, is out money on tuition, and is in general having a hard time financially.

No worries, says this oblivious bridezilla. She then proceeds to ask the friend to find her wedding card to the couple (which she thinks contains cold, hard cash), saying: “Ok, but it’s still something instead of u coming for free ya know”.

In the most epic You-Got-Served moment ever, this guest drops off a letter at the bride’s house with a penny attached. The letter rips the bride a new one, as this sassy friend is NOT going to put up with this bridezilla’s shenanigans. You’ve got to read it to believe it.