Questions to ask my wedding photographer by Allyson VinZant Events

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Elizabeth Messina

If you’re engaged or just got married recently, you’ll know that being a bride is kind of a crazy experience. Unless you’re a professional events planner, being a bride is basically like showing up on your first day of work without any prior experience in your field whatsoever. Chances are, you’ve never planned an event on this scale, and you (hopefully) never will do this again. This makes knowing whether or not you’re doing a good job very hard!

Luckily, the interwebs is a great source for wedding planning information, so you won’t be flying completely blind! One such great resource is the blog of Allyson VinZant Events; the company blog of a professional wedding planner that is loaded  with great information. Allyson has an extremely helpful series for brides which highlights all the questions you should ask your vendors before you say “I Do” to hiring them. It’s a must-read for every recently engaged gal, and we’d love to share some tidbits from Allyson’s blog with you today: questions to ask your wedding photographer!

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 Photo: Ciara Richardson

 So what do you think brides — super helpful right? We’d definitely recommend pinning this to your wedding Pinterest board for future reference. I’m sure photographer interviews are coming up soon for those of you who just got engaged this holiday season, and we hope this comes in handy! Are you a photographer or recently married bride? What questions did we miss on this list?