4 Easy DIY Wedding Hair Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids


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Your wedding budget is tight, so it goes without saying that you’re probably looking to cut costs where you can. Even though having your hair and makeup done professionally on the big day seems like a must, it’s possible to look amazing on your big day without spending those bucks.

If you have a friend who is particularly blessed with the ability to do hair, it’s worth it asking her to help you out with your bridal style. You can even do your hair yourself — we promise! Not every bridal ‘do is elaborate and impossible to DIY. Here are our 4 favorite elegant yet easy DIY wedding hair ideas for both brides and bridesmaids!

The Side Braid

This chic and low maintenance ‘do will give you that extra fancy boho look that the brides below are rocking. And, it’ll only take you a few minutes! If you want to tryout a more complicated braid like a fishtail, just make sure you practice before the big day!


This Modern Romance


Lad & Lass


We Are the Parsons

Long, Loose curls

You know the drill: get out your best curling iron, some hairspray, and go to town! Long, luscious curls will never go out of style, so why not rock this timeless look on the big day? If you’ve never been able to tame your hair into pretty curls, try visiting your local Drybar for a luxe $40 blowout. We won’t tell anyone your secret.


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Half Up Hair

You’ve been able to do this look since the 9th grade, right? Even though it’s a pretty elementary hairstyle, it’s oh-so-pretty and is a wonderful way to get the dramatic effect of long hair while keeping your locks out of your face. If you’re a half-up hair expert, try spicing things up with a few braided strands or an unexpected accessory.


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The Ponytail

Contrary to popular notion, ponytails aren’t just for the gym! There are all sorts of ways you can pretty up the regular old ponytail, and turn it into your perfect bridal look. Try adding a ribbon or styling it to the side — whatever you like best to make it uniquely you!


Design Darling


Buffy Dekmar


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So what do you think, brides? Pretty easy options, right? These hairstyles are not only perfect for your own hair, but for your bridesmaids as well. Why not have a party to see what styles look best and practice DIYing your hair? With these easy styles, you’ll be looking glam and aisle-ready in no time. What bridal hairstyles are you considering for your big day?