23 questions to ask my wedding venue by Allyson VinZant Events

wedding venue

Erich McVey

So you’ve picked a wedding date and you’ve started to visualize your perfect day, but you’re still missing a huge part: the wedding venue! Picking the perfect venues for your ceremony and reception are crucial to making your wedding day vision come together. Though choosing and booking the place aren’t as always easy as you think!

Before you start visiting your dream venues, you’ll need to know exactly what questions to ask to make sure you’re choosing the right place. Since you’re probably only going to interview venues once you might not know exactly what to ask. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered, with 23 questions to ask your wedding venue, provided by Allyson VinZant Events. Enjoy!

wedding venue

If you’re still stuck on trying to figure out where to find a venue, it’s definitely worth checking out a wedding vendor guide such as Wedding Wire (EXTRA useful because it has a reviews-and-rating system!) and Here Comes the Guide. They organize vendors AND venues off by location, which makes it even better!

It you’re looking for a wedding venue locally, e-mail the owners/employees of beautiful landmarks, parks, or churches and other locations nearby to see whether or not they offer their venues as options. It certainly doesn’t hurt just to ask, and who knows? You might just have the wedding of your dreams.