Technology Takeover: Incorporating Social Media into Your Wedding Day


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To anyone living in the 21st century, it’s no surprise that we are living in an age of social media. And while not every couple wants their wedding broadcast to the world, some may find the idea of having memorable tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos from their special day appealing. If that sounds like you, stay tuned for some helpful tips about incorporating social media into your wedding day.

1. Blogs and Facebook Pages: These can be especially useful leading up to the wedding to keep guests in the loop. These days, nearly everyone–young and old–is connected to Facebook. And the best part? It can be accessed anywhere, from your mobile device to your tablet to your laptop to your work computer. Yes, even your work computer. It’s the perfect way for guests who are looking to distract themselves from doing actual work to stay connected and updated on the festivities. And I mean, who actually does work at work anyway? Now you’ve given your guests even more reason not to do work. They’ll be thanking you.

2. Cell Phone Charging Stations: Tech-savvy brides and grooms may be interested in installing cell phone charging stations around the venue, at tables or behind the bar. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than having your phone die in the midst of a big moment. Your guests will be forever grateful.

3. Live Streaming: Non-traditional, yes, but live streaming your wedding is the perfect way to give your loved ones who can’t make it in person a front row seat at the ceremony.

4. Hashtags: Hashtagging is one of this year’s biggest trends. Include a hashtag on your wedding invites for guests to use when uploading photos to Facebook and Instagram or uploading tweets to Twitter. They’ll make for great memories down the line. And the best part? If they’re uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, they can never be lost. Your wedding day will be digitally memorialized for all eternity. It’s also a great way to share photos instantly and keep your guests feeling involved.


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5. Wedding Apps: Wedding apps are among the latest up-and-coming trends in the wedding world. Apps can then be downloaded by guests for information about the couple’s history, details and maps for the event, and a place to post and share photos, comments, and well wishes. Check out our very own Wedding Party –the custom app for your wedding journey!