5 tips for choosing your wedding hair and makeup


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With 5 months to go til’ my wedding extravaganza weekend and most of the major elements set, you would think a collective sigh of relief would come.  Not so, says I.  I have been searching, hoping, wanting a make up and hair artist who can make me still look like me…only the better me version.  Me 2.0 perhaps?

When it comes to saying no and confrontation in general with outside parties, I have often have an unfortunate “mums the word” policy.  This has made the beauty selection process pretty sticky.

For example, at my first make up trial, the artist had an amazing personality.  We talked and joked throughout the trial.  When I looked over my final results, I was speechless.  It wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t me. Me, the woman who often leaves the house without drying her hair and whose fancy look is mascara and bronzer.


My fiancé’s first response when seeing the picture? “Why are you wearing so much foundation?”.  It reminded me of the episode of the Simpson’s where Homer used a make up gun on Marge.

So what are some ways to have a more beautiful experience?  Here are a few ideas to pull out of your makeup bag.

1. Bring pictures!  This may help your artist get a better grasp on what you are looking for.  I have lovely pinterest board where I collect my inspiration.  My trends include curls and pin up style make up.


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2. Speak up. This is one admittedly that I need to work on.  I haven’t quite figured out the balance between being assertive and becoming a Bride T-Rex Temper Tantrum.  Two make up trials are down and I still feel like I left things unsaid.  At my second trial, I asked for individual lashes.

3. Take pictures of the final results: At different angles, in various lighting, with multiple expressions!  This will give you a clear concept of how you will look all day.

4. Don’t ask for too many opinions…unless you wanna feel confused. For my second trial, I was looking a little more que sexy but it still felt a titch much.  I sent the pic around to 5 trusty sources and got back 5 different answers.  Ultimately, you are the one wearing it so your feelings matter most.

5. Trust your gut.  If you like your freckles and you don’t want them to be covered, then feature that most gorgeous version of you.  You may feel pressured to wear more or less make up because of weather, lighting concerns, etc but ultimately, if you don’t like it, you won’t feel amazing on your amazing day.

I still am searching for my one true beautifying consultant and my next appointment is March 6th.  This time we are conversing through email and I am pep talking myself (I think I can, I think I can) to ensure I am prepped to tell her to go easy with that make up gun :).  Wish me luck!!

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