10 totally awesome wedding trends you need to know about


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Getting married? If your answer is yes, then chances are you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about ways to make your wedding totally awesome. Well kick up your feet ladies, because we’ve done all the leg work for you! How? Why, by rounding up all the wedding trends we’re totally obsessed with at the moment.

From quirky wedding GIFs to fun pinata decor and raging all-night weddings, one of the trends here is bound to strike your fancy. After all, they’re all supremely cool! Adding any one of these amazing trends to your wedding day will make it stand out from the crowd of weddings your guests will be going to this spring/summer wedding season. What are you waiting for? Read on for more unique wedding inspiration.

Simple engagement rings

Forget the Hollywood icebergs and double-halo-pavé-glitter-fest engagement rings. Keep it simple with a timeless engagement ring you’ll love for decades to come.

classic engagement ring_600

Annie McElwain

Wedding GIFs

Cool? Quirky? Insanely awesome? We say yes to all of the above! Wedding GIFs (trail blazed by Jeffrey of JLB Wedding) are a cool way to remember the moments of your special day.


JLB Wedding

Uber-casual rehearsal dinner

Your wedding day is already going to be quite an affair, so why not relax with a casual rehearsal dinner the night before? Set up shop in your favorite restaurant with your loved ones, a cute outfit (tulle skirt highly reccommended!) and some good cocktails.

rehearsal dinner outfit

Walk in Wonderland

Printed dresses

There’s nothing we love more than a bride with a little personality! Show off your style with an unexpected printed wedding dress that’s as unique as you are.


Alixann Loosle

Custom illustrated invitations

Another way to add that custom, handmade touch to your special day? Custom-illustrated wedding invites! You and your significant other will love showing off your personalities with a completely one-of-a-kind wedding invite.

whimsical invite

 Anne Claire Brun

Slices of cake (or pie!) for favors

Forget monogrammed wedding glasses or mini picture frames — give your guests a favor they’ll truly treasure. Food! Your wedding cake (or pie) is the perfect midnight snack for your guests, and a wedding favor they’ll actually appreciate. Package it up a cute lil to-go box and call it good!

pie favors



What’s the newest decor trend, you ask? We answer: Pinatas! You can find all sorts, big and small, on Etsy. From sparkly spheres to peony paper-maché, these pinatas are just the thing to spice up your wedding day decor!

peony pinata copy

More leaf, less flower!

Flower-filled wedding days are great, but you know what else is awesome? More leaf and less flower! Besides being economic (leaves are cheaper than flowers), it also lends a lush and natural touch while still staying simple.


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Brunch weddings

Mmmmmm, breakfast! Well, if you put together the two things you love (your significant other and brunch), you might just come up with a great idea for a wedding.


Brooke Schultz Photography

All night weddings

If the AM isn’t your thing, why not party into the night instead? All-nighter weddings are all the rage and for good reason. What other occasion are you going to have to stay up till the morning with your friends for the party of a lifetime?


Liron Erel, Photographer

So lovely brides, what are your thoughts? Do any one of these crazy cool ideas strike your wedding fancy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or send us a love note @wedding!