DIY bridesmaid hairstyles so quick and easy, you won’t believe you can do them yourself!


 Photography by Cassandra Eldridge 

As much as we (obviously) love wedding season, sometimes it can come with a hefty side of, well…stress — especially as a bridesmaid! You find your cash (and your free time) running out faster than discount Jimmy Choos at a Nordstrom sale. This, in most part, is due to several gal pal bridal brunches, couple’s showers, extravagant bachelorette celebrations, multiple bridesmaid dresses (but you can wear them again!…) — the list goes on. That being said, one easy way to save in both of these categories is to nix your hair appointment on the big day and opt for a DIY bridesmaid hairstyle instead.

We paired up with expert Chicago hairstylist and beauty blogger, Maritza Buelvas, to show us some no-fuss DIY ‘maid hairstyles that you can do on yourself in no time, leaving you a little more room in that wallet and more time on the big day to kick back and have another mimosa!




 Step One:

Start with a base of softly curled hair. If you can get away with it, it’s best if it’s unwashed, as squeaky-clean strands tend to be slippery and tricky to work with. (Remember, dry shampoo is your best friend!) Begin by teasing the crown with a teasing comb. Section off three sections — each on one side, and one in the back. Focus on teasing the back section first.


Step Two:

Using the same teasing comb, brush the back section of the hair, forming a traditional ponytail and secure with an elastic band.


Step Three:

Tease the remaining sides with same comb — this creates volume and allows hair to be more pliable for styling. Finish by brushing back each side, back on top of your ponytail, securing with bobby pins.



Hint: Drape each side softly on top of the existing ponytail for a soft, demure affect. Play up any layered front pieces and allow them to casually frame your face. Don’t forget to set the style with hair spray!


You’re done! You’ve got a quick, easy, and polished look with a fun, flirty edge, making it perfect for a more casual beach or backyard setting.



This dressy style is a perfect fit for dressier nuptials. Incorporating both a French braid and a French twist, this fancy European-inspired ‘do is sure to please. No baguette required (although, completely encouraged!)

Step One:

Part your hair deep to one side. On the deeper side (the part that has more hair) start creating a chunky three-dimensional French braid. The simple trick is to weave the sections underneath instead of the traditional over the top method. This tiny change makes for a big, dramatic effect. Finish braiding all the way down to the end of your strands, and secure with an elastic.



Step Two:

Gather remaining hair into a messy French twist. Remember — it doesn’t have to be perfect!  A little bit of messiness keeps this look modern, touchable, and authentic French-girl-chic.


Secure with plenty of bobby pins. Hint: if you’re helping out with other bridesmaids’ ‘do’s, be sure to pick up a selection of shades so each girl has pins that match her hair color.


Step Three:

Pin the ends of your braid into your French twist with bobby pins. Tuck the remaining portion of your braid into the fold of your twist.



Tre chic! You’re all set for a black tie bash, country club wedding (or a classy picnic under Le Tour Eiffel)!

Tell us, what do you think? Is a DIY hairstyle a ‘do (literally) or will you opt for a professional for your big day? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Photography: Cassandra Eldridge | Makeup: Brenda Arelano | Model: Willow Star



About Maritza: Maritza Buelvas is a sought-after master stylist weaving in a sense of whimsy and fashion into her work. Aside from styling, Maritza is focused on providing unique hair instruction, web design and written editorials under the umbrella of Beauty for Bloggers. She and her work have been featured in Style Me Pretty, The Chicago Tribune, NBC, Wedding Chicks, WGN, and Lifetime Television.




About Jess: A Journalism graduate of Indiana University, Jess is a Chicago transplant and Founder of The Golden Girl Blog. She was first bitten by the wedding bug at age 11, when she purchased her first Brides magazine in the Lexington, KY airport. She’s partial to red lipstick, French Bulldogs, and a lover of the written word. When she’s not writing for Wedding Party, you can often find her at the closest Dim Sum establishment, or exploring the Windy City with her camera in tow.