5 perks to having a winter wedding


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Summer is heating up and wedding season is in full swing. Research from the XO Group has revealed at June is the most popular for weddings. Judging from my newsfeed, August and September look like two close contenders for second and third place. Nevertheless, as things heat up outside and Facebook feeds fill with wedding day hashtags, I can’t help but start to think about the cooler seasons ahead.

Why is January on my mind? I have always been a bit biased toward the cooler months.  Growing up, I loved that cooler weather meant soft sweaters, Mom’s best recipes, and festive gatherings with my nearest and dearest. Now, winter months remind me of the beginning of my relationship with my beloved. Setting a winter wedding date was a very intuitive decision for us.

Wedding-wise, I love that autumn and winter weddings can see lower price tags, fewer make-up and hair challenges (bye-bye, humidity), and greater staying power for your florals and cake frosting. So crank down the AC down, grab a blanket, and prepare to fall in love with my favorite parts of cold-weather weddings.

1. Comfort food:

While some mid-summer brides may need to keep meals light, winter brides can safely enjoy menus of nearly any palette. Picture a winter wedding menu that is full of rich, warm, comfort foods. We’re talking macaroni and cheese, miniature pot pies, slow-roasted winter vegetables, and other cold-weather favorites. Yum.


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2. Long sleeve wedding dresses:

As a winter bride, you can wear a dress in just about any fabric or design you so desire. One of my favorite winter wedding dress silhouettes is the long sleeve wedding dress. (Seriously, bloggers at Wedding Party really, really love long sleeved wedding gowns.) No questions asked, Kate Middleton wore the most amazing long-sleeved gowns I have ever seen. But even if you don’t have the privilege of wearing a gown designed for British royalty, long-sleeved gowns exude a special elegance that I can’t help but love.


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3. Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows:

Readers, this next section is a bit biased. Your humble author happens to have a life-long love affair with hot chocolate. (We even incorporated hot chocolate into our engagement session.) A good number of winter brides have served a hot chocolate and coffee bar paired with donuts as a sweet exit treat. Whether you’re drinking it mid-engagement session or offering it via a beverage bar at your reception, this drink makes for a warm body and a happy heart.


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4. Inclement Weather Photographs:

Be it rain, sleet, snow, or shine, inclement weather can offer a backdrop that is equal to the prettiest summer day. (Bonus: you won’t need to worry about squinting, mosquitos, or sunscreen.) In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in brides who embrace inclement weather as a part of their big day. A rainy fall wedding or a snowy winter wedding is sure to create some beautiful photographs and warm memories for years to come.


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5. Rich Color Palettes:

You can choose to rock jewel tones and metallic any time of year… but there’s something particularly festive about a rich color palette paired with a partly cloudy sky. Don’t feel obligated to stick to a red and green winter wedding color scheme. Some brides pair a classic black and white theme with gold and bronze. Others choose warm berry tones with natural inspiration – cranberry, eggplant, and blackberry. What would your winter wedding color palette look like?


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Readers, what do you think? Are you ready to start planning your winter wedding or is your heart set on a summer fete? I would love to hear about the significance of your wedding season (or wedding date) in the comments below!

laurenmillerbioLauren Miller is a northern born, southern bred girl planning a January wedding. She lives in Memphis with her fiancé, Mitch, and their two dogs, Bosco and Cassidy. She loves dogs, traveling, and fresh food. Check back for regular updates on her adventures in wedding planning, detailed how-to guides, and design inspiration! You can also follow her on Pinterest.