3 Perfect Wedding Day Nail Styles for Every Bride


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Ever since the bling was put onto your left finger, you’ve taking care of your nails. You need to show off your newest accessory in the best possible light, and your wedding day will be no exception. Everyone will be asking to see your hand and you’ll want to make sure your nails are in tip top shape. You are probably accustomed to getting regular manicures and may have even tested out a few possible nail polish contenders for your wedding day. Whether your Big Day look is going to be classic or bold, your hands will be photographed and looked at – so the question is, how do you want them to look, and which wedding day nail style is right for you?

Perfectly Polished:

You’re the quintessential bride! It’s not that you’re afraid of color, but you’d rather your nails not do the talking on your big day. The classic shades of pale pink and nudes look best for this look or you could always opt of the time-honored French manicure.


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french mani

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classic mani

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White out

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Classic with a Twist:

You love the look of a classic manicure, but are hoping to add a little more flare for this special occasion. Using the same color palette as above, you add your personal touch with some crystals, ombre or sparkles!

glitter nail

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classic with a twist

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blinged out

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a twist

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Color Party:

You love color and aren’t afraid to show it, especially on your wedding day! As the bride, your nail polish choice is another extension of your wedding day look and will most certainly help accentuate the look. This works best if you opt for a color that will compliment your bouquet or be your something blue.

Color Pop
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color pop 2

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red nails

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Some things to consider to prepare your nails leading up to your wedding:

  • Maintaing a well balanced diet and taking vitamins is not only beneficial to your health, but your nails as well.
  • Cuticle oil is a great way to keep your nails hydrated – keep one on your nightstand and apply nightly to promote nail growth and healthy nails
  • Don’t overdo it with hand sanitizer – this dries your nails out. Instead opt for a hand moisturizer after washes to keep your hands and nails hydrated.
  • If you’re a nail biter (guilty as charged) concentrate on having your nails polished in soft shades to keep yourself from biting. There is nothing worse than a beautiful bride with nails that don’t match that beauty!
  • Trying to make your manicure from chipping is hard enough, try to use gloves when cleaning the dishes. This helps the manicure last and keeps your hands from drying out.
  • Whatever you do, don’t peel your polish off, this will just leading to damaging the nail beds and thinning your nails out.

Want to DIY your wedding nails? While weekly or even bi-weekly manicures can start to add up, try to DIY at home with this step by step guide.

Some things to consider for the wedding day:

  • If you opt for a regular manicure try not to go too far in advance. Usually the day before is best and always have the color on hand for your big day in the case of emergency chip situations.
  • If you’re leaving for your honeymoon shortly after the wedding, keep the wedding nails looking great by getting a gel manicure. With most lasting up to two weeks – your nails will be perfect for an extended period of time.
  • Don’t forget your groom! A nice little treat for your guy, if he’s not opposed, is to take him to get a manicure as well. They’ll clean his nails and he’ll be proud to show of his new band!

If you had to choose, what would your wedding day nail style? If you’re a former bride, did you opt for a classic or bold look?

bianaperezThis post was written by Biana of Bloved Boston. Biana is a twenty-something newlywed that is quite simply giddy over weddings. Read along as she writes about food, fashion & fitness (and lots more in between) on her blog, Bloved Boston, and follow her @blovedboston on Twitter!