Win a colorful and custom cake topper from Hello Plum Studio!



***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Alyssa Elliot!***

Anyone who’s planning a wedding knows it’s easy to get swept up in the details, details, details of their wedding day — and for good reason! Sometime’s it’s the details that makes the big day truly special and unique. By now, you all know that we at Wedding Party are all about having a wedding that’s uniquely you — and we want to help you with a small detail of your wedding day. The cake topper!

This week, we’re giving one lucky bride the change to win colorful and custom initial cake toppers for the happy couple’s wedding cake/cupcakes/desserts! These lovely little toppers, created by the amazing Etsy boutique Hello Plum Studio, are just too adorable! Brides and grooms can choose the letters, colors, and even textures of these fun alphabet cake toppers to match the look and feel of their wedding. They look perfect on wedding on pretty much every kind of dessert (cakes and donuts pictured below…yum!), but can be used for other aspects of your wedding decor as well!

Hana of Hello Plum Studio handcrafts every item in her shop, so you know that your cake toppers aren’t just going to be ordinary — they’ll be extraordinary! Besides cake toppers and wedding goodies, Hana also makes tons of other stylish home and event decor items that lends a colorful and modern touch.

Ready to learn how to win your cake toppers? Read on!

Wedding Initials


Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow Wedding Party on Pinterest here: Wedding Party

2. Comment on this post & tell us why you’d love to win the Hello Plum cake toppers!

3. That’s it — you’re entered!


Wedding Initials2

Letters-Numbers Pattern Chart

Get your cake topper initials in all sorts of letters, colors and textures!

So who’s excited to get their cake topper for free?! Hopefully all of you! Make sure to enter our giveaway before next Wednesday, July 22, at 12pm PST. You’ll kick yourself for missing this opportunity if you don’t!

Big thanks to Hello Plum Studio for working with us on this giveaway! Make sure to visit their Etsy shop here to see more of their products, and Hana on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated on the latest with Hello Plum Studio!

All images via Hello Plum Studio. Curious George? Giveaway terms are here.


  1. Jessica Spear on | Reply

    I love the woodgrain mintish blue cake topper. This would match my cake perfectly and colors perfectly!
    Hope I win!!!!

  2. jenni on | Reply

    Hello Plum cake topper is what I need to make my wedding cake complete. I absolutely love the cake toppers! I would love a gold no pattern J+Z. 🙂

  3. I’d love to win a cute cake topper like this! I really like the idea of initials instead of little dolls standing on top of my cake! I also love the versatility and simplicity of these toppers!

  4. These unique little letters have got everything! My fiance and I are both designers and would love something like this for our ‘cake’ … we’re thinking cheesecake, eh? Love the detail.

  5. Kayla McCabe on | Reply

    Please, please, please. We want one of these adorable toppers! 🙂

  6. Kelly McSwain on | Reply

    I would LOVE to win this cake topper. I love that it would represent my fiance and I, and we are all about modern and “simple”, but still elegant! Thanks!!

  7. Anne G on | Reply

    I love this!! The wedding topper is simple but beautiful I would love this for my upcoming wedding. I think it’ll look fabulous on our cake!

  8. These cake toppers are so adorable and unique and would definitely make our cake stand out!

  9. Jan Beatrice Tan on | Reply

    Jan Yap Tan · University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center

    I would really love to have this hello plum cake topper for our wedding cake topper! It’s so pretty and very adorable! Matches our theme and we’re just planning to have a simple cake and this would add a pop of color to it

  10. Catherine on | Reply

    I love the woodgrain– so natural without being “rustic.” Our reception is outside in a pavilion and it would look great on our cake.

  11. Kelly Hughes on | Reply

    I would love to win because they’re so unique! Our wedding is all about little personal details like this 🙂

  12. Heather R on | Reply

    these are so cute! cake toppers are one thing I haven’t planned out yet – this would be one more thing off my list!

  13. Alyssa Elliott on | Reply

    I WANT I WANT I WANT! They’re the perfect addition to add to my simple but classy idea for a wedding cake!

  14. Colleen Davren on | Reply

    These are so cute – I don’t want too formal of a cake and I think these letters would be perfect on top!

  15. Flerida on | Reply

    These custom cake toppers are so adorable, and would go perfect with our earth tone theme wedding!

  16. Mollie K on | Reply

    Love this idea. We’re planning a “preppy southern chic” wedding and this would be a perfect change and addition for the cake topper!

  17. Marcos on | Reply

    I think it would be pretty cool to win these wedding cake toppers for our upcoming wedding.

  18. Bethany on | Reply

    It’s so simple and spectacular at the same time! Please pick me!

  19. Taylor on | Reply

    I am looking for ways to make my wedding unique and this will be “the icing on the cake”
    Too cute!

  20. Alison on | Reply

    Why do I want to win these?! Well, let’ see… they are ADORABLE!

  21. Amanda on | Reply

    This adorable wedding topper would fit the style of my wedding perfectly! Having a C & A on top of our little cake would be so cute!

  22. sarah on | Reply

    These cake toppers are so cute and would fit perfectly with the feel of our wedding!

  23. Luz on | Reply

    We’re having a giant dessert bar in the woods for our wedding! These would be perfect!

  24. miranda on | Reply

    Those are beautiful! Would love a custom cake topper to complete my cake (following on pinterest :-))

  25. Edith V. on | Reply

    These cake toppers are adorable! and would be a great gift for us to place on our cake for our wedding this August! 🙂

  26. Meredith Smith on | Reply

    These cake toppers are beautiful!! I would love to have a custom one made for our wedding.

  27. Betsy on | Reply

    I’d love you win a cake topper! We haven’t figured one out yet and these would fit the vibe of our wedding very well!

  28. Nicole on | Reply

    I would love to win one because our venue (a cancun resort) is not giving us much flexibility on the cake (very plain and simple) so this would allow us to make it unique to our style and really add the glamour we’re looking for 🙂

  29. lexi on | Reply

    I love these cake toppers. They are a perfect compliment to my architectural aesthetic!

  30. fabianna on | Reply

    These toppers fit our personality and will fit our reception perfectly! We’re getting married at a winery but our style is more modern and design-conscious. Most of our guests will be from out-of-town, so we’re excited to show them a piece of beautiful California 🙂

  31. These are so cute! I would love to get a set to add a little something special to the top of our cake!

  32. Christina on | Reply

    I’d love to win the Hello Plum cake toppers because I have a very low budget for my upcoming wedding! So these cute cake toppers would be perfect 🙂

  33. Emily Rudd on | Reply

    I absolutely love this cake topper! We just picked up a bunch of different e’s and k’s to decorate with today because it’s part of our theme so this cake topper would be perfect. Love it.

  34. Sarah Lake on | Reply

    I would LOVE this cake topper because our wedding theme is our initials – S&R! It’s gorgeous!

  35. Cara on | Reply

    These toppers are so unique, just like my love and I. A perfect representation of us! But when our powers combine…well, you get the idea 🙂 Would love to win!

  36. Rebecca Rubin on | Reply

    I LOVE the honey comb cake topper. These are all adorable and perfectly simple. They are just the answer to not feeling the typical bride and groom cake toppers represent us.

  37. Jacqueline on | Reply

    I would love because it’s so unique and it would be the perfect cake topper for our naked cake!

  38. Rachel on | Reply

    I love the pop of color the cake toppers would add with out taking away from the simplicity of our cake

  39. Maddie on | Reply

    Oh my gosh these are amazing!! Exactly what I am looking for in a cake topper. I some have unique each of the colors and textures are! I think my favorite is the woodgrain in the mint color. Hard to choose though. Great giveaway! Thank you!

  40. Katy Bonkoski on | Reply

    I would love to win one of these cake toppers!! Been looking for the perfect one and I think this is it!!

  41. corinne on | Reply

    So perfect and beautiful and will add that custom touch to our homemade pies that we are serving instead of cake!!

  42. Lindsay B on | Reply

    Love the no-pattern ones. I’m curious about the other colors but like the gold!

  43. Erin Alexandra Mowlds on | Reply

    These would be so perfect at our summer camp themed wedding in Oregon this September. We are having berry pies and these would look perfect on top!

  44. Pedro on | Reply

    I would love to win because we have been in the market looking for great cake toppers and these are it!

  45. Beth G on | Reply

    Omg these are adorable!! These would be perfect for me and my fiancées funfetti cake!

  46. Sharon on | Reply

    Wow! In the midst of all the planning, small details get lost. It’s exciting to see a fresh and modern twist on the traditional topper. Plus, who doesn’t want to save $$ by winning something for FREE?! (not to mention Adorable!)

  47. Elvia Nino on | Reply

    Would love to win a cake topper. This cake topper is so unique and will make our SIMPLE cake stand out. Our wedding is on a very low budget and this would be an awesome gift! Hope to win!!!!

  48. Sally Burn on | Reply

    We are doing our wedding on a serious budget, as we live in and are getting hitched in Manhattan (but without the Manhattan salaries to match!). Our amazing friends are helping out by loaning us their skills, including my best friend who is coming over from the UK to attend and bake us our wedding cake. 🙂 She makes divine tasting cake but a Hello Plum Studio topper would elevate it to perfection!

  49. Rebecca on | Reply

    Love the mixture of colors and patterns of these cake toppers! So unique!!

  50. MNC on | Reply

    because these are just so cute! Plus, I love how these look like they can be used as keepsakes over the fireplace after the wedding!