Win a colorful and custom cake topper from Hello Plum Studio!



***This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner, Alyssa Elliot!***

Anyone who’s planning a wedding knows it’s easy to get swept up in the details, details, details of their wedding day — and for good reason! Sometime’s it’s the details that makes the big day truly special and unique. By now, you all know that we at Wedding Party are all about having a wedding that’s uniquely you — and we want to help you with a small detail of your wedding day. The cake topper!

This week, we’re giving one lucky bride the change to win colorful and custom initial cake toppers for the happy couple’s wedding cake/cupcakes/desserts! These lovely little toppers, created by the amazing Etsy boutique Hello Plum Studio, are just too adorable! Brides and grooms can choose the letters, colors, and even textures of these fun alphabet cake toppers to match the look and feel of their wedding. They look perfect on wedding on pretty much every kind of dessert (cakes and donuts pictured below…yum!), but can be used for other aspects of your wedding decor as well!

Hana of Hello Plum Studio handcrafts every item in her shop, so you know that your cake toppers aren’t just going to be ordinary — they’ll be extraordinary! Besides cake toppers and wedding goodies, Hana also makes tons of other stylish home and event decor items that lends a colorful and modern touch.

Ready to learn how to win your cake toppers? Read on!

Wedding Initials


Here’s how to enter the giveaway:

1. Follow Wedding Party on Pinterest here: Wedding Party

2. Comment on this post & tell us why you’d love to win the Hello Plum cake toppers!

3. That’s it — you’re entered!


Wedding Initials2

Letters-Numbers Pattern Chart

Get your cake topper initials in all sorts of letters, colors and textures!

So who’s excited to get their cake topper for free?! Hopefully all of you! Make sure to enter our giveaway before next Wednesday, July 22, at 12pm PST. You’ll kick yourself for missing this opportunity if you don’t!

Big thanks to Hello Plum Studio for working with us on this giveaway! Make sure to visit their Etsy shop here to see more of their products, and Hana on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to stay updated on the latest with Hello Plum Studio!

All images via Hello Plum Studio. Curious George? Giveaway terms are here.