How to take an engagement ring selfie: 10 simple rules for the perfect shot

lauren conrad ring selfie

Lauren Conrad

So he or she got down on one knee, you said yes, hugs and kisses were had, and now you’ve got a new ring. Sounds like a pretty awesome sequence of events, right? But now that you’ve become engaged, how will you tell the world? For close friends and family you might immediately spend the next three hours making calls and sharing squeals of excitement, but for everyone else you’re connected to, there’s one simple answer to quickly sharing the engagement news — a ring selfie.

I don’t think there’s doubt in anyone’s mind that the engagement ring selfie is yet another new ritual introduced to the engagement process by technology. And come on now — it’s awesome. What’s better than flipping through Instagram and seeing oodles of pretty new engagement ring pictures? However, you can’t just snap any old photo and call it a day. Nope — this is THE picture that will let everyone know you’re engaged while also showing off how absolutely gorgeous and perfect your ring is. The bar is high, my friends.

We can’t take the perfect engagement ring selfie for you (sorry!), but we certainly can give you pointers on how to approach taking this momentous Instagram pic so it looks amazing. With your ring as the star of the show and these ring selfie rules, we guarantee you’ll get a photo that’ll make their jaws drop.

1. Look for bright, natural lighting



Being outside or near a well-lit window works best. Avoid being indoors under fluorescent lamps — you’ll get dark and/or yellowy photos. NOT what you want!

2. Make sure your nails are done (duh)

Nuff said.


Ben Simon Diamonds


Dana Rebecca Designs

3. Choose a clutter-free background

The main point of focus in this photo is your new bling, so choose something simple for your photo background. Something too busy can clutter the photo and detract from the beauty of your new bauble.


Natalie Deayala

4. Accessorize

When in doubt, add in some fun accessories to liven up the photo. Adding more jewelry or a glimpse of your clutch can make the photo look more natural.


Lauren Conrad is obviously an expert in this department, no? 

5. Beware where you crop the photo

This may be a personal pet peeve, but I hate how a ring selfie looks when the photo is cropped in a way that you can’t see the top or bottom of the woman’s fingers. Part of what’s amazing about your new ring is how it looks on your whole hand, so show it off in all it’s glory!

ring selfie

Love the ring! The shot, not so much. via Jennie Kwon Designs.

6. Skip the flash

You’ll end up with a supernova on your ring finger. Cool, but not what you were going for, probably.

7. Camera zoom? Just say no.

Using the zoom on your phone’s camera will make your photo look more pixellated and blurry. Instead, try moving your entire phone closer or farther away to get the right depth.

8. Try striking a (natural) pose

If you’re not into the straight-fingered whole hand pose (we get it, it’s not for everyone), try a natural-looking pose. Something as simple as holding a mug of coffee or holding your clutch could work well. Try to keep it classy though and avoid the fake-middle-finger pose or the unnatural fist pump.


SUCH a cute pose! Candice Accola via Popsugar

9. Stick to just one photo

We get it, your ring is gorgeous. So let it speak for itself with one stunning photo. No collages needed!

10. Include your man (or woman)

Hey, there’s two people in this equation, right? Include your new spouse-to-be in the photo. These adorable examples are sure to convince you.


Better than Fine

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

R.Switzer Photography via How He Asked

If all else fails, there’s always filters, my friends. Instagram and VSCO can work wonders for taking your photo to the next level. Any engagement ring selfies you’re particularly proud of, or that inspire you? Share them with us in the comments! And don’t forget to check out even MORE engagement ring selfie inspiration on our Pinterest boards.