Oh Snap! 5 Unique Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Aimee McAuley Photography

I just got married after all and dang, what a process! Now, it’s time to review the lessons learned and loved, mistakes made and all that, to help my fellow future brides and grooms! P.S. your wedding is gonna be great.

Photobooths are obvs all the rage and since everyone is doing them, how do you make yours stand out? Here are a few options for wedding photobooth alternatives that we considered including our winner, winner chicken dinner of our wedding.

1. You Set the Scene:

You can turn a ho hum photobooth into a reflection of your everlasting love (or quirky personality) with a DIY backdrop. Easy cheap props like streamers, confetti or old empty picture frames can be handy or go whole hog and get that cool gigantic chalkboard with your “I love you for-evs vow”! Here are a few I love or you can check out this Wedding Party post for some other snappy examples.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Clayton Austin

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Millie Holloman

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Tammy Horton Photography

2. You’ll Flip:

A nod to the beginnings of animation, flipbooks allow you to see your photobooth shots in motion. Any photobooth that offers flipbooks will need you to make an oscar winning short video clip to create your mini novel.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Martha Stewart

My maid of honor, Monica, and I got to check out flipbooks from The Laugh Box at a bridal expo and had a blast flippin’ through our shots.

3. Back in the Day Buffet:

Remember the grainy photostrips of you and your BBF mugging the camera or the feeling of pulling back the curtain and squeezing on to your partner’s lap for the oft desired smooch for the lens?  Recreate those memories with a vintage photobooth for your wedding!

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

The Rasers

Companies like 312 Photobooth provides an example of how modern companies have brought sexy back but cleaned up the gritty, sometimes “stealing your 4 bucks with no picture strip” side affects of old timey photo booths.

4. The DIY Booth:

I Pinterested the mess out of this idea. Ahh Polaroid Photobooth! The memories of the original “usie” machine will tickle most guests. My favorite Polaroid idea involves guests replacing their name card with their picture, creating the ultimate memory wall for you. Plus, this option could save you thousands of dollars while still providing your party with sweet favors.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Tomasz Wagner

5. Ready! Set! Action!

One of our favorite and intensely memorable elements of our wedding reception was our photobooth…and it wasn’t just any photobooth. It was the ONE we wanted to put a ring on: Actionbooth. Owner, Joe Reyes, has a unique concept that I have never seen guests click dislike on. Actionbooth is almost exactly how it sounds.  Ya don’t just stand there.  (Well you can, but it’s not as fun).  Joe catches guests in motion and the more the night goes on, the more motion there is.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

My groom kicking it with our friend | Joe Reyes, Actionbooth

Actionbooth isn’t a booth persay.  Joe (and his team of ninjas) bring only a camera, 1 to 2 TVS so you can view the pics while they happen, AND an onsite printer to get your clicks quick.  For our reception, Joe was set up next to the dance floor so not only did he take snaps of guests doing their jumpy thang but he also got the guests shaking their groove thangs as well.  It was the perfect symbosis of party greatness. Prints are given on the spot and doubles are available!  During our wedding, we set up clothespins and a chickenwire stand so guests could share their shots with us which made for an awesome tipsy take home souvenier to recollect all the fun we had.  A link of all pics are shared with guests after the event.  Our guests were plenty entertained and many of them made their starring Actionbooth shot their FB profile pic.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

 A kiss during our first dance.  | Joe Reyes, Actionbooth

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Bridesmaids and groomsmen getting their action on | Joe Reyes, Actionbooth

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

A little child throwing action (safely of course!) | Joe Reyes, Actionbooth

More questions? Check out Joe’s other Actionbooth events and official FAQs here.

Wedding Photobooth Alternatives

Our final shot of the night with all our party peeps! | Joe Reyes, Actionbooth

Now SNAP to it and find the photobooth of YOUR dreams!


biopicKate Swem is a recently married lady living in Chicago. Her husband, Raja, is her blogging coach, fellow Netflixia sufferer (The Strain is now in rotation) and adventure twin. Tune in to hear about her wedding reflections and advice! You can follow her on Twitter, or read more on her and her best friend’s blog, Chi Organic Girls.