5 great engagement party dress styles to ensure you capture the room!

Lovely white lace dress from Bhldn, perfect for an engagement party. Check out the post for other gorgeous engagement party dress styles!

Jenna Bechtholt Photography 

When your partner whom you love and care about more than anything has just proposed, there is no happier moment. Getting engaged is literally one of the most exciting and joyful moments in the world! That is why engagement parties are also so much fun: it’s your chance to share this new and exciting time in your life with your family and friends! Usually, an engagement party hits that sweet spot where you are still blissfully engaged, but haven’t turned into crazed wedding planner just yet!

So then comes the important question: what should you wear to your engagement party? There are so many fun dress choices that it can be hard to chose, so I am going to show you some gorgeous style options and you can find the right one for you!

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Style 1: White

White dresses are the obvious choice for an engagement party (and really any party where you are the bride to be) and there are so many cute little white dresses to choose from! White definitely plays up the bridal aspect, and is a gorgeous yet classic look for an engagement party dress. Although if you aren’t ready to start wearing white just yet, there are lots of other choices as well!

Beautiful white lace dress, a perfect style for a bride-to-be at her engagement party!


A white tulle dress is a perfect style for an engagement party! Check out the post for other gorgeous styles!


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Style 2: Pop of Color

Wearing a brightly colored dress to your engagement party is a fun way to celebrate your engagement! It highlights you as the guest of honor without looking overly bridal before you are ready! This is also a great trend for any season, as there are so many different gorgeous seasonal colors to choose from!

Bright light blue dress is the perfect pop of color of an engagement party dress!

CJK Visuals

This pink strapless dress is a gorgeous engagment party dress style!

J. Harper Photography

Love this bright blue lace dress, what a gorgeous style for a bride to be at her engagement party!

BB Dakota

Red is the perfect pop of color for an egagement party! Look at the post for more gorgeous styles like this one!

Jessica Burke

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Style 3: Black and White

Black and white dresses are such a classic and elegant choice! Black and white truly is a timeless color combo, and they can be so much fun too! Perfect to celebrate a newly engaged you!

A black and white dress will make for a classic look at an engagement party!

Suzuran Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Love black and white stripes and a gorgeous tulle skirt for a perfect engagement party look!

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Style 4: Floral

Floral is a great, fun, and very bridal look that is both rustic and classic. For the colder months floral can feel a little out of place, but if you chose a dress with some length it would work perfectly for a holiday engagement party! You can also pick a silver and black floral dress (like the one pictured below) to tie this gorgeous style right into the holiday season.

This lovely long floral dress would be a great style on a bride to be at her engagement party!

Justin & Mary

Lovely cap sleeves on this gorgeous engagement party dress style!

Fred Cipoletti

 This floral silver and black dress makes for the perfect engagement party holiday dress! Find out more great styles (and where to buy this dress) in the post!


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Style 5: Sparkly

I saved one of my favorite engagement party dress choices for last: the sparkly dress! Especially as the holidays are rapidly approaching, sparkly dresses are such a fun and playful engagement party dress choice. Not only do they draw attention to you as the guest of honor and bride-to-be, but they also double as something gorgeous you can wear on New Years Eve!

Sparkly gold dresses are perfect for a holiday engagement party!

Joanne Pio

Silver sparkly dresses are a great addition to a holiday engagement party!

Mel Boulden Photography

This green sequined dress is a great style for a bride to be at her holiday engagement party!


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With all these gorgeous engagement party dress styles to choose from, I am sure you are pretty happy your partner popped the question! So what do you newly engaged ladies think? Which of these styles will you wear to your party? We want to know!

laurensintonbioLauren Sinton is a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a prolific poet and loves absolutely everything about writing and reading poetry. She has also been planning her own wedding since she was in the 2nd grade, which is now finally coming in handy since she is recently engaged.