4 stunning winter flower crown styles that will convince you they aren’t just for summer brides

Gorgeous white and pale green, winter flower crown! Check out the post for other gorgeous winter flower crown styles!

Flower crowns are one of many gorgeous ways to wear flowers in your hair at your wedding! Often when we think of brides wearing stunning flower crowns, we think of warm summer weddings where there are lots of bright flowers in bloom. I am here to show you though, that flower crowns can be just as stunning and breathtaking on brides having a winter wedding.

In order for your flower crown to look wintry, try an all-white and green flower crown or one with lots of greenery and pale pinks. Another option is to focus more on deep ruby red blooms, combined with greenery such as pine needles. You can also turn to more fall colors such as yellow and burnt orange for a more autumnal wintry feel. Hopefully we can help you find the winter flower crown style, that will make you stand out as a bride!

Style 1: Pastels and Whites with Greenery:

Pale pinks, whites and other pastel colors make for a stunning winter wedding flower crown. The paleness of the blooms evokes a gorgeous ice princess feeling. It is a style that is sure to have you captivate the room at your winter wedding. Definitely check out this great DIY for a pretty white and green flower crown.

Stunning bride wearing a beautiful winter flower crown!

Mandi Nelson Photography

Lovely white and green floral headpiece! Check out the post for more gorgeous flower crowns like this one!

Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Pretty pale pink and green winter flower crown!

Stephanie Sunderland Photography

Gorgeous pale blue and green flower crown with bursts of red! Perfect for a winter wedding!

Nirav Patel

Stunning white, green and blue flower crown!

ciara richardson

Beautiful white floral headpiece perfect for a winter wedding!

Late Afternoon  (Tutorial in link)

Gorgeous white flower crown with stunning greenery!

Hope Kauffman Photography

Lovely blue and green flower crown!

Jacque Lynn Photography

Subtle yet stunning, white, green, and pink flower crown!

Nirav Patel & Amari Kenoly

Beautiful bohemian white and green winter flower crown!

Laura Goldenberger Photography

Beautiful light pink and green rustic flower crown, perfect for a winter wedding. Check out the post for more gorgeous winter flower crowns!

Crystal Stokes Photography

Beautiful leafy winter wedding flower crown!

Paula O’Hara

Style 2: Bright and Bold Blooms

Bright bold blooms such as bold reds and deep purples are a lovely choice for the holiday season. The bright colors definitely draw attention to you, and it is a stunning way to add a burst of color to your wedding look.

Lovely bright winter wedding flower crown!

Gemma Williams Photography

Beautiful pink orchid and succulent flower crown!

Eye catching and stunning bright orange and red winter flower crown!

Hope Kauffman Photograph

Lovely bold bright colors make a perfect winter wedding flower crown!
Dan O’Day

Lovely large flowers make a stunning winter wedding flower crown! Check out the post for more gorgeous styles.

W&E Photographie

Beautiful bold bright red flower crown, perfect for a winter wedding!
Jen Wojcik Photography

Lovely brightly colored flower crown!
Just For Love Photography

Style 3: Autumnal Colors

Autumnal colors that have more of that auburn and burnt orange look, are a great choice for both a fall or winter wedding. They tie into both seasons well as they bring out the warm and coziness of the season. These colors are a great choice for your flower crown this time of year!

stunning white and purple rustic flower crown! Check out the post for more stunning flower crowns.

Yolande Marx

Gorgeous burnt orange autumnal flower crown!

benjamin and elise

Love autumn themed flower crown!

Gorgeous autum boho flower crown look!

Style 4: Pine needles with white or red blooms

Pine needles and deep reds or white blooms are definitely one of my favorite holiday looks (and definitely something you could easily wear to a holiday party too)! This winter flower crown style will be sure to have you looking and feeling like a snow queen on your big day! Check out this awesome DIY featured on green wedding shoes on how to make the flower crown in the very last photo featured!

Stunning festive winter wedding flower crown! Check out the post for more gorgeous styles like this one!


Pine needles paired with white flowers make the best winter wedding flower crown!

Brooke Schultz Photography

Gorgeous winter wonderland flower crown for a winter bride!


Stunning winter bridal headpiece perfect for a gorgeous winter bride!
Stunning winter bridal headpiece perfect for a gorgeous winter bride!

Bethany Marie 

Lovely red green and blue rustic flower crown, perfect for a winter wedding!

Cassandra Photo

Gorgeous winter wedding flower crown! Check out the post for an awesome DIY of this brides flower crown!

Megan Hayes Photographer

Now that you have seen these four gorgoues winter flower crown styles, aren’t you convinced they are just as pretty as summer ones? What do you think winter brides, will you be wear one of these gorgeous winter flower crown styles? Let us know, we would love to hear what you come up with!

laurensintonbioLauren Sinton is a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in English and an emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a prolific poet and loves absolutely everything about writing and reading poetry. She has also been planning her own wedding since she was in the 2nd grade, which is now finally coming in handy since she is recently engaged.